Silly thief tries to rob a store, he throws away his gun and his trouser falls off while trying to escape

There are people who do not have what it takes to become criminals, and this guy has been called the dumbest thief because of his failed attempt to rob a store.

This inexperienced thug made a fool of himself when he tried to steal at a shop in Denver, United States. Besides that, he couldn’t take anything, he even lost his weapon … and dignity while escaping.

The video that has since gone viral on the internet is from a security camera that shows a man in a red cap and sunglasses entering the store. When the attendant approaches, the thief, he draws his pistol to threaten her. But his clumsy hands can not hold the gun firmly as it falls behind the counter.

The subject tries to jump to retrieve his gun, but the store keeper was faster than him. From the way she grabbed the gun, it seems she had never used a weapon before … but makes a gesture of throwing it to the thief in the face. If you have threatened a dog with an imaginary stone to move away, you know what I am talking about.

Seeing himself in that dangerous situation, the guy runs to escape. But while running, his trousers falls off. That day, gravity was not his best partner in the crime.

The owner of the business, Chriss Burgess, did not want to downplay the attempted robbery, but said the guy is the dumbest thief in the world.

Luckily (and because of his clumsiness) there was no damage and Denver police are already looking for him. This is the video of the dumbest thief.

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