Finding a dead rat in a pregnant woman’s soup cost a famous Chinese restaurant $190 million

In September 6 2018, a pregnant woman and her family were eating at the Hotpot restaurant Xiabu Xiabu, a famous Chinese chain in Shandong province, when after a few bites she encountered an unpleasant surprise: a boiled rat in her plate of soup .

The woman and her family recorded it on video and uploaded on social media. Today the shares of the restaurant has fallen by 190 million dollars after the photos and images of the rat in the bowl later “caught” with a pair of chopsticks became viral on the internet.

The data indicate that the dead rat drove the shares on the stock market to over 6% on September 10, and they continued to fall another 11% the next day. Meanwhile, the restaurant where the events occurred has been temporarily closed. In addition, the establishment offered the woman 5,000 yuan (approximately $ 700) as compensation for having served her a bowl of “rat soup”.

As if all this were not enough, the pregnant woman’s husband, Mr. Ma, alleged that a restaurant staff member made a disturbing offer after the discovery of the animal. Apparently, they allegedly told him: “If you are worried about the baby, we will give you 20,000 yuan (about $ 3,000) to abort it.”

According to the BBC, Mr. Ma has refused all offers of compensation so far and has announced that he wants his pregnant wife to undergo a medical examination before accepting any amount.


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