Bill Gates’ new self-lubricated condom supports up to 1,000 penetrations

Bill and Melinda Gates have spent years investing considerable sums of money in creating a better condom. One of the teams of scientists who finance its foundation has created a material that is so spectacularly self-lubricating that it remains slippery after a thousand penetrations.

Conventional condoms are made of latex coated with a water-based lubricating gel. This substance loses its properties with use and may end up disappearing, which causes dryness, discomfort and displacement during sex. The new condom developed by a team of chemists at Boston University uses a hydrophilic material that becomes slippery when it comes in contact with water or any other wet environment. The technology is not completely new. Similar materials already exist to improve the quality of life of the patient in invasive medical procedures such as catheters.

Where traditional condoms withstand a maximum of 500 penetrations before losing their effectiveness, the new model raises that figure to a thousand penetrations. In case you were wondering, most studies cite the average of a coitus in about 240 penetrations that extend over 8 minutes. The study of Boston chemists published in The Royal Society speaks of a number between 100 and 500 penetrations.

In theory, and if we maintain that rhythm, the new condom allows us to stay more than 32 minutes without noticing the slightest discomfort derived from dryness.

Why a more comfortable condom? Contrary to what may seem, the reason is not exactly the pleasure, but health. In many countries the rate of condom use during sex is low because many men dislike using it and find it uncomfortable. Improving the comfort of the prophylactic Bill and Melinda Gates hope to increase their use and thus reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies.

Despite its new properties, it is not necessary for the user to reach a thousand penetrations and is not reusable in any way.

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