WhatsApp To Introduced “Vacation Mode” To Completely Hide Annoying Chats

WhatsApp works in a new way to give you a little more peace and calmness when you do not want to receive notifications, or even messages, from certain groups or contacts. It’s called “vacation mode” and is currently under development for iOS and Android.

With vacation mode, according to WaBetaInfo leaks , you will stop receiving notifications and messages from groups or contacts whose conversations you have silenced and archived.

The mode is based on the “archive chat” function, which basically hides the chats that you do not want to see on the chat screen. The problem with this mode is that if you mute and archive a conversation, it will continue to appear in your chats with each new message you receive.

Now, with the vacation mode, when you mute and archive a chat it will not appear again between your conversations or notifications, regardless of whether they send you more messages. This, until you decide to stop filing or silence it.

Image: WaBetaInfo.

The feature is based on a WhatsApp feature for Android, which prevents you from seeing the icon of new messages in the conversations you have silenced. We do not know when the “vacation mode” will arrive, but we hope it will be soon.


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