4 Uncommon SEO Strategies You Might Not Be Using

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SEO can often feel like a complicated process. With over 200 elements. In the Google algorithm, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what works. Much of SEO involves following best practices, but there are also less obvious factors that will influence a ranking. Of course, it is important to focus on the common elements like keyword research, title tags, relevant content, and especially backlinks.

If you are not getting the results you anticipated, though, it is worth focusing on some of the less obvious strategies. So what uncommon factors should you test in an SEO campaign?

Keep Content Fresh

Google wants to show the freshest content whenever possible. Some content will be evergreen, but there will naturally be elements that become dated. Updating content will satisfy the search engine’s desire for fresh content, while also ensuring visitors get the best articles possible. Updated content can also lead to an increased click-through rate, with searchers seeing the published date within the description tag on many sites.

For relevant search terms, look to create detailed content that can be updated whenever new information is discovered.

Reach Out to Experts

A major factor in search rankings is dwell time, so it is important to keep visitors active on your site for as long as possible. You may have a quality piece of content, but there are always opportunities to improve it.

Most industries have a number of established experts, typically with their own following on blog and social media sites. Many of these experts will be happy to contribute a short opinion that can bulk up an article, adding additional content and increasing the perceived value of the site. In many cases, these experts will also post your content on their social media accounts, leading to extra backlinks and targeted traffic.

Analyze Your Competition

While it is good to have your own SEO strategy, analyzing the competition will give an important insight into what is working. Initially, look at the top ranking pages for the keywords you are most focused on. You can then use tools like Moz and SEMrush to look into their backlink profile. Next, study the individual pages, looking at the type of content, use of videos and images, and internal linking structure. This data can be used to see what the search engines currently like, uncover backlink opportunities and create superior content to the competition.

Focus on Multiple Search Engines

It Is naturally common to focus on Google ahead of all other search engines. The web analysis company Statcounter reported that Google has 86% of the search engine market share in the USA. This is a significant share, so Google should always be part of your plans However, Yahoo! still has 7.1%, while Bing controls 5.59%. These search engines, particularly when considering global traffic, can still provide a lot of targeted traffic.


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