Google Maps now with a better way to share the estimated time of arrival

The estimated time of arrival (ETA) is a useful feature in Google Maps that allows you to notify your contacts when you will arrive at a location, maybe for a meeting with friends, family or business associates.

In many cases, this function is important, but it’s also important to reach your destination safely, which is the reason why Google updated this feature with a new and better way to share.

This update makes it even easier to share the ETA because it allows you to keep your eyes on the road, without having to touch the smartphone.

Google Map

The update allows you to share the location live as it moves along the road, in the same way that we see the arrow of our vehicle advancing on the road in Google Maps. The driver will share his live location, the route and the ETA.

Also included with the update we have the possibility to share this with third party applications such as Line, WhatsApp, Messenger and others. When the trip ends, Google Maps will automatically stop sharing the location.

To enjoy the updated ETA function on Android and iOS, you must first update the app on your device.



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