Google for Entrepreneurs is now Google for Startups, offering help to startups around the world

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Google for Entrepreneurs is an incubator that was launched by Google in 2011. Through this initiative, Google offers access to tools, devices and workshops for local technological communities.

Today Google announced a renewal of its services, a name change to Google for Startups, along with the launch of a new site where it gathers all the resources it offers for new startups: .

The Google for Startup platform will help entrepreneurs find the resources needed to launch and manage their business. The platform will also help them connect with other entrepreneurs and provide information on best practices for growing startups.

Google also introduced Google Cloud for Startups , a service that helps companies in the early stages by providing technical advice and training, community events and access to Google products at a discount that includes Google Cloud Platform (“GCP”) , G Suite, Maps, Hire and Qwiklabs.

Startups based on applications that are about to be launched or were recently launched can be subscribed to Start on Android, where developers will receive help to test their apps, optimize them and launch them on Google Play.

Google also wants to help startups by connecting them to their network of communities, mentors, investors, educational programmes and opportunities. That’s why it launched the Launchpad Accelerator program that provides personalized training in Machine Learning, assistance and unfair tutoring by Google engineers and Launchpad’s global network of mentors.

Starting today, startups can also subscribe to Google for Startups Residency, through which, they will receive advice and work space for 5 or 6 months on the Google Campus for Startups in London, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Tel Aviv or Warsaw.



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