What You Should Know About DropQue, MyMedicines and 9 Other Startups That Emerged Winners of Lagos Pitch Event

DropQue and and ten other startups have been selected to represent Nigeria in the global early-stage startup competition, Seedstars Lagos on Friday.

According to Seedstar, the 11 selected startups are not older than 2 years, are lucrative and have gotten startup loans below $500k.

DropQue emerged as the hottest startup amongst the 11 fresh startups.

The 11 selected startups include, DropQue, MyMedicines and Natterbase.

Other hot startups selected by Seedstars are Chekkit, Termii, Biyabot, Bridgebooks, Beat Drone, Aspire Power Solutions, Insight Africa.

The Seedstars’ crowned startup, DropQue is a recruitment and job company founded in 2016 by Opeyemi Akinwoleola and Yinka Akinbobola.


Dropque.com uses a combination of one way unassisted video interviews and a powerful AI assessment assistant to get companies the best candidate.

DropQue sees a problem in the conventional recruitment pattern, using CV’s and other traditional processes cost companies more in lost productivity, value, time and wrong hires.

Offering a solution, DropQue is an interactive and intelligent talent exchange which uses unassisted video interviews and AI to get the best talent.


My-medicines.com is a curated medication ordering platform. It leverages 837 pharmacies and blockchain technology to crowd source medicines.

My-Medicines seen a problem in the high mortality rate of women & under five year old children from preventable diseases due to difficulties sourcing medications. Using blockchain technology & 837 pharmacies, to identify where genuine medications are available & delivering on demand is My-Medicins’ best solution.


Natterbase is increasing the speed and quality of software development in Africa.

Natterbase says high cost of development, unavailability of talents and low productivity has affected software development in Africa. The solution: Help Africans increase development speed, get quick access to talents and reduce energy spent in product development.


Chekkit is a blockchain powered anti-counterfeiting, real-time supply chain tracking and customer experience analytics platform.

The problem: Counterfeits, pilferage, switching of goods and inefficient supply chain visibility are major challenges people suffer.

And its solution is to tag and track product movement and parties involved in the transfer of products from Warehouse to Distributor and Retail to consumers.


Termii is a Saas platform that helps teams secure repeat customers through personalized emails and sms sent across multiple channels.

Termii convinced Seedstars that small-to-middle sized African businesses struggle to remain profitable due to their inability to secure repeat customers

And offering a solution, Termii, as web based platform helps teams on-a-budget to verify, segment and track personalised messages sent across multiple marketing channels.


Biya is a chat-based payment platform that allows users make payments as well as allow merchants request and receive payments via messaging.

Cost and inconvenience attached to cash payments is a big problem that Biya has spotted. In solving it, Biya is a readily accessible artificial intelligence powered payment utility for financial transactions over a conversational interface.


Bridgebooks provides SMEs a platform to structure their business finances, Access finances and make smart financial decisions.

The fresh startup sees poor access to finances due to a lack of financial management as a big problem in the business sector. Alternatives like accountants are expensive and give no insight to businesses.

The solution is Bridgebooks, an affordable, smart simple accounting solution, with self service functionalities so that daily transactions can form basis for decisions

Beat Drone:

Beat Drone seeks to empower the agricultural sector using drones to improve harvest yields and reduce production cost, thus making food affordable & eliminating hunger & poverty.

Beat Drone uses precision drones to execute spraying on the farms, engage in crop supervision and mapping of the farmland.

Aspire Africa

Africans pay too much for energy and Inspire works to eliminate the barriers that limit access to clean, affordable and reliable energy sources.

Over 600m African do not have access to energy or get less than 4 hours of power from the grid daily. Aspire is changing this forever.

Optimizing systems in line with energy needs, providing financing based on our validated screen criteria and managing same for long term is the solution provided by Aspire.

Insight Africa

This Abuja based startup will help schools improve studdents’ performance in Maths and the sciences to world class standards.

A learning management and data analytic tool that improves the quality of learning delivered and provides useful insight for teachers is Insight Africa’s solution.


Written by NaijaRoko

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