Google to Train 10,000 African Developers in Android and Web Development

Google is patterning with developers in Africa and is determined to improve developer education in Africa.

In a recent announcement, Google revealed that it was patterning with Pluralsight and Andela to train 10,000 African developers, called Google Developer Scholarship.

“The aim of this program is to provide a continuous engagement platform to developers in Africa on a track to become professional developers,” Google said in a blog post.

Google’s plan is to train developers across Africa, in both apps and web development. Google also plans open the program to both aspiring and professional developers and at the end, it will issue a Google certificate to show their job worthiness.

The reason for this partnership with Pluralsight is quite obvious. Google plans to ride on Pluralsight’s important tech courses to keep pace with changing tech development.

According to Google partnership with Pluralsight will grant African developers 4-month access to the trove of courses on the platform.


Author: NaijaRoko

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