4 Online Jobs That Can Bring You $100 Monthly

First I’ll have to say that if you are looking to becoming a billionaire overnight, then this article is not for you.

I come across a lot of online jobs that promises to return tens of thousands of dollars in just a few minute, and I find quite hilarious, if it’s actually true, do you think they would be advertising it for free and making it very simple and easy. Seriously no genuine online job will pay you more than $200 daily if you are very good at what you do. I might be wrong though!

What I do know is that I have these five online jobs that are guaranteed of depositing money into your account. But there is a catch you have to be DEDICATED, COMMITTED and PATIENT for you to start seeing results.

Yes, these are the keys to success in these online jobs I’m about to reveal to you.

If you don’t have these three characteristics in you, I suggest you drop this article now!

There is no doubt in the fact that the emergence of the internet has unified the globe into one entity, that a lot of people can now buy, market and sell their products and services online.

This is where we come in, the infopreneur, with the internet at your disposal, you have limitless opportunity to market your skill, product or services online; and the good news is “Someone somewhere needs what you have”.

With the current world economic crisis and that of Nigeria in particular, you’ll will agree with me that that monthly job, or monotonous source of income isn’t just enough these days.

The inflation rate is high and the value of our currency depreciating by the day.

I say it’s time to diversify and explore other option.

I will not be explaining to you about my online marketing tools here, rather I’ll be focusing on how to sell your services in exchange for some few dollars.

Do you know that there are a lot of online jobs that only require that you click on link, type in words and fill out an online form and Barm! Your account is credited!

l have to warn you though, that the incomes from these jobs aren’t mind blowing and a lot of people will quit after a while, but I can assure you that been steadfast in doing this pay off in the long.

It’s quite unfortunate that here in Nigeria, a whole lot of our youth are not fully utilizing the numerous opportunities the internet have to offer, believe me a lot of people over the world are keying into this opportunity, of course am one of them; and my sole aim of writing this is to give you the opportunity to be one too. You might be wondering what’s in it for me, well the answer is nothing, just get enlightened that’s all.

There are countless genuine opportunities on the internet that can help you make extra income from the comfort of your home, or even be fully employed; you just have to discover what it is you can do, and source the market for it.

This article is for just five of how I make at least $100 dollars cumulative monthly from these online job. Remember I said cumulative, please don’t misquote me; and that is being honest.

Now enough talk already, let get started!


You know those annoying pop-ups that always prompt you to admit that you are not a robot? Yes, those are called captcha and a lot of site owners actually buy them for security purposes in sign-ups and log-ins. When there is a sign-up or log-in, the software creates a captcha which you are required to enter.

Your job as a Captcha solver is simple, enter those alpha-numeric code that appears on your screen and you earn an amount for doing just that.


  1. A PC or your Android Device
  2. A reliable Internet service
  3. Great typing Skills and
  4. An Account

A PC or Your Android Device

You will require a device to log on to the internet to be able to access the site and start working. You can use your laptop and work or your mobile device, you just have to download the 2captcha app, and you are good to go

A Reliable Internet Service:

Solving captcha requires a fast and reliable internet service as the software generates captcha which you are expected to solve within seconds of display, failure to do that within the specified time will lead to your account being suspended, and if you are warned severally for failure to solve your captcha within the specified time, you will be banned. And your effort will be for nothing.

Great Typing Skills:

Because earnings from captcha entry are quite slow, you will need great typing skills to beat the odds. Having an excellent typing skill is a must to boost your earnings. 2captcha pays you $1 for every 1000 captcha solved, let’s say you were able to solve 3000 captcha daily for 30days, you will be having about $90 cumulative by the end of the month.

So you see, speed is of essence here, in fact, I say speed is everything.

An Account:

You will need to open one of these account to enable you be able to withdraw your fund or get paid by 2captcha, here are some of the options you have;

  1. Webmoney purse
  2. Bitcoin wallet
  3. Perfect money
  4. Payza account
  5. Paypal

Earnings from solving 2captcha is quite slow, but guaranteed, and with a fast, reliable internet plus your great typing skills, you stand a chance here.

To join 2Captcha and start earning money today, click HERE to register.


MegaTypers is one of the online Captcha entry sites that I use. It’s similar to 2Captcha, as they both require you solving Captchas too in order to earn money.

Difference Between 2Captcha & Megatypers:

The only difference, besides the name, is the payout rate. MegaTypers is a bit benevolent in paying for solving the same 1000 captcha; you will be earning about $1.5.

Every other protocol remains the same for start-up.

Very important to note is that MegaTypers is very strict, failure to solve your captcha on time will lead to deduction from your earnings, and did I also mention that they are very good at “kicking you out” yea, they do that a lot, so you have to be on top of your game.

Log on to MegaTypers website HERE to register, when prompted for an invitation code, like the one in the image below, type in CZQM or CZQN .


On my number three lists of online jobs that can fetch you a few dollars is online surveying.

There are over 100 online survey sites available.

How It Works:

Many manufacturing companies all over the world would love to know what their consumers think of their products at all times, to help them improve in areas that they the consumers find unsatisfactory.

The challenges that these companies face mostly is that of insufficient database of their customers, or consumers of their product, hence they cannot reach out directly to them for their opinion on the products; often times when they do reach out to some of these customers or consumers, it do take them time to fill and return these opinion forms, most times, they don’t even bother filling them let alone returning it!

Where You Come In:

What these companies now do, is they outsource their product survey forms to what we call Market Research Companies. These companies sole job is to reach people who will be able to fill out those forms and not just fill them give feedbacks too!

So these Market Research Companies add a little incentive; they decide to pay out a certain amount just to fill and return those forms.

When you register with these online survey sites, they send you periodic company product survey forms to your email asking specific questions about the products, when you complete those forms successfully and send them back, you get paid.

Getting Started:

Like I said earlier, there are quite a number of these site ready to pay you for just filling out a form. All you need to do is register with them. Below are a few good sites with guaranteed payout.

You can also google top paying online survey site for more.

Some of these sites pay as high as $60 just to review, fill and return survey forms.

The sad news for people in this part of the world (Nigeria) is eligibility for most of them. But if you are in Europe and America, I’ll say lucky you!

For my fellow Nigerians, you can try out Toluna, I use it.


I call this “Skills for Hire”, I’m sure you are familiar with the word freelancing. Well if you are not, don’t worry.

A freelancer is that individual who is employed temporarily by an organisation or business outfit. The word there is temporary, because what he does are mostly contract jobs, which could last for days, to weeks or even months for his client and then he is ready to move on to the next job.

Unlike the previous four that requires little or no skills, you have to be skilled in something to make money from freelancing.

We have freelancers in areas like writing, consulting, graphic designing and programming.

For example, you find out that a lot of site owners will pay you good money just to write articles for their website or guest post.

So let’s say you are very good in a particular sport and there is a new online sport websites that needs great articles that will interest its readers to keep coming back for more; and they are willing to pay you say $30 for that, wouldn’t that be cool.

I remember the first job I got as a freelancer, on freelancer.com; I was paid 15 dollars for analyzing a client’s data using one of the software I implement. I felt really excited, because someone had just told me about freelancing and I decided to give it a try and it did work for me and has been working. Though sometimes I lose out on bids, but it’s still okay, it comes with the territory.

Log on to any of these sites

There could be more of course but I’m only stopping at these three.

There are a lot of jobs on these sites that you could do, some pay as high as $200 or more.

Jobs ranges from logo designs, to building a website, to marketing a product or even giving professional advice or consulting.

You just have to fund your niche; and you are on your way to making cool money.


The internet has availed us a lot of opportunities to do hitherto those things we previously thought unattainable. Who ever thought you can sit at the comfort of your home all day long, and at the end of the day your bank account will be better off.

You can’t spend more all those idle time on the net just browsing through website when you could actually be more creative with your time and translate that creativity into cash.

You just have to fund your niche; and you are on your way to making cool money.

And the good thing about these online jobs is that it requires little or no skills, you don’t need a university degree, well not for most of them anyways; and you can always start from somewhere to build your online profile and before you know it, you become a force to reckon with.

I never thought it something I’ll find interesting, and not just that, but helps pay the bills, till I tried it; and every job I do boosts my confidence to try out the next one.

Forget the once that promise to turn you into a millionaire overnight, if they were real, it wouldn’t be that easy.


Written by NaijaRoko

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