Entrepreneur Creates Website That Tells You If Someone Died In Your House

If you live in the United States, there is the possibility of knowing if your house, or the one you are about to buy, has a problem beyond its physical condition.

The page in question is , founded by entrepreneur and software engineer Roy Condrey in 2013, and its creation begins as a ghost story.

Three years ago Condrey, who rented a property, received a text message in the middle of the night from one of his tenants who said: “Did you know that your house is haunted?” Condrey searched the net, but he couldn’t find a way to find out if his property was actually a crime scene before he rented it. As he told Forbes:

“I connected online to find a kind of home death finder and found nothing, but I did find pages and pages of people asking if there is any way to find out if their house is haunted.”

Later, through his data collection, he learned that, in fact, at least 4.5 million homes across the country had had documented deaths in their facilities. However, the number of home owners who know the history of their home is unknown: “There was not a database for this information until Potential homeowners should be informed of this type of information because it could influence their decision. The intention of the site is for buyers and tenants. The agent is trying to sell, so they will not disclose if they do not have to.”

Apparently, the previous death or violent crime in a house can reduce its value by up to 30%. When someone first visits the page they are asked to add an address and then a page with prices appears, starting at $ 11.99 to get information about a particular address.

The site’s algorithm is based on records mostly collected after the 1980s, when the information began to be digitized, but the Condrey team has been working to collect records long before.

DiedInHouse uses data from more than 130 million police records, news reports or old death certificates to determine if the house has seen any kind of “horror”. He currently works only in valid addresses in the United States, although Condrey says they are working on expanding to international addresses.

By the way, some sample reports, like the one in the house in Seattle where Kurt Cobain committed suicide, are available for free for users to see how the page works.

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