Get Black Friday Right: 5 Tips for Small Business Owners

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The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year for most retailers. However, the majority of the action goes to big-box stores and you might feel left behind as a small business owner. In reality, more market share than ever is going to small retailers on Black Friday and if you’re savvy, you can be one of them. Use these five tips to help your small business succeed on Black Friday.

Make A Day Of It

Everyone is bargain hunting on Black Friday, but crazy discounts aren’t the only way to attract customers. Make Black Friday an event to entice more consumers towards your store. Get a food truck for your storefront, plan a visit from a local celebrity, or throw a party with music and nibbles. You could even create quirky offers like a discount or perk for customers who show up in a costume themed towards your business. If your store stands out, people will be more likely to visit and purchase from you.

Go The Extra Mile With Your Offer

Many small businesses believe that they ain’t offering discounts for Black Friday. However, you should make your offer as irresistible as you possibly can. 10% off won’t interest a lot of people, but 25% off or 50% off certain products will. If you can’t offer big discounts, try pairing a smaller discount with a perk like free customization or “buy two get the third cheaper”.

Reward Your Social Media Followers

Social media is invaluable for small business, so reward your followers on Black Friday. Send out a specific coupon to your email mailing list and post discount offer on your social media. You can also host social media competitions around the Thanksgiving weekend so your followers can win a huge discount or price package if they like and share your posts. This will increase your reach and get others thinking about your store in the run up to Black Friday.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

Don’t underestimate the importance of promoting your Black Friday deals. People are less likely to stop at small businesses by chance on Black Friday, but they’ll come your way if there’s an offer they want. Put up posters advertising your deals, send out coupons, and promote your deals and events on social media. Make sure everyone knows what you’re offering for Black Friday. This is the real key to netting more customers on the day.

Follow Through on Cyber Monday

E-commerce is big and by rolling Black Friday into Cyber Monday, you can kick start the whole holiday season for your business even if you don’t have a big online presence, you can still e-mail out a coupon that’s valid for the whole week starting on Cyber Monday, or sell vouchers for your store online at a highly reduced rate. Cyber Monday can be big business for smaller retailers, so don’t forget about it when you’re planning for Black Friday.

You don’t have to miss out on Black Friday just because you’re a small business. With these five tips, you can sell big, reach new customers and start the holiday season off right. Happy selling!


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