5 Engaging Content Ideas for Promoting Affiliate Products

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Content marketing is proving popular for all types of businesses, from small enterprises to big brands. You don’t, however, need your own products to benefit from the constant desire for new content.

Affiliate marketing offers the chance to build an audience of your own, without the need to invest in expensive product development costs. You can develop long-term relationships with people, but leave much of the marketing process and customer service to the vendors. While simply promoting products will not be enough, the following types of content can be used to generate serious interest from relevant users.


Before making a purchase, it is common for consumers to read reviews. Reviews can give an insight that product vendors won’t offer, allowing people the chance to make informed buying decisions. Any review needs to be honest and independent, but you can still offer value as an affiliate. Another option is to create a product comparison page for the main products in an industry, letting consumers see a side-by-side look at their options.


Tutorials can be used to provide value, helping consumers use the product more effectively. Some products might not suit a tutorial post if they are self-explanatory. However, many other products benefit from assistance or an alternative approach to usage. If people recognize you as knowledgeable in the field, they are also more likely to purchase via your link. Software tools and fitness products are some examples that can be enhanced with a tutorial.


List posts prove to be popular across a broad range of niches. Lists don’t need to focus on the affiliate products themselves, but can discuss a topic within the industry. You can then use relevant elements to promote an affiliate product. Alternatively, you could promote an email list, gradually introducing subscribers to relevant affiliate products.

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing video work in various niches, with consumers eager to see what the entire package consists of. Niches like electronics and beauty, for example, have many serious followers who like to stay on top of new releases. You can create these types of videos for all kinds of industries that sell physical products, with videos being fairly simple to make.

General Industry Guides

You might be aiming to sell a particular affiliate product, but you can get success developing content based on a broader theme. A complete guide will often require many different products, allowing you to include links to different vendors.


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