Facebook Has Found The Perfect Way To Put Advertisements On WhatsApp

We knew that advertisements would come sooner or later to WhatsApp, but now we know how. Chris Daniels, the man that Facebook put in charge of the service when the founders left, told reporters in New Delhi that the application will show ads on WhatsApp Status.

With 450 million active users per day, the WhatsApp states are the most popular “stories” of all social networks. Its unexpected success is due to the popularity of WhatsApp as a courier service, especially in India, where it has 250 million active users. Now, as with Instagram Stories, WhatsApp will show stories promoted among user states to generate revenue for advertisers.

There is not yet a date for the deployment, but we assume that the operation of advertising on Instagram Stories will be affected, where users see ads without warning when browsing among their friends’ stories. WhatsApp Status allows to share text, photos, video, stickers and animated GIFs, so the ads could use these more striking and close formats.

For Facebook, it is the perfect business model: they capture the user’s attention, but they do not introduce advertising in the chat rooms, which would be too intrusive and would raise concerns about privacy. On the other hand, the ads will announce WhatsApp Business, a version of WhatsApp for companies that Facebook intends to turn into a customer service platform where users and brands interact without going through the phone or email.



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