Is Your Website Design Killing Your Business? 6 Key Things Online Shoppers Hate and How You Can Avoid the Trap

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Selling goods and services online can be the road to riches or the road to ruin. It all depends on how you approach it and how successful your e-commerce efforts tum out to be. The online world is a unique beast, and it is not easy to get it right.

Even if you are an experienced retailer in the brick-and-mortar world, transferring those skills online can be a difficult thing to do. Website design is a key driver of online selling success, yet many business owners fail to optimize that design.

Worse yet, some business owners employ web designs that actively discourage browsing and buying, putting their profits at risk and driving would-be customers away. Here are six things that online shoppers hate. These website design blunders could destroy your online business before it even gets off the ground.

A lack of real-time help and support:

The world of online shopping can be daunting, and sometimes your customers need a helping hand. Prominently displaying a customer service phone number or adding a chat function can boost engagement and drive more sales.

A lengthy checkout process:

The buyer’s goal, once their cart is full, is to get the goods and go. A lengthy checkout process is a sure sales killer, so look for ways to speed up your e-commerce business.

A shortage of product information:

Online shoppers cannot handle the merchandise, so quality descriptions and high-resolution photos are essential. If would-be buyers cannot see what they are buying, they are unlikely to complete the checkout process.

Slow speed:

A slow loading site is a sure way to drive customers away and guarantee e-commerce death. Be careful when adding graphics and images to the site, and make sure you optimize them for fast loading.

Limited delivery options:

Some buyers want their purchases fast, like the next day. Others are willing to wait longer if it means a lower price or free shipping. Either way, e-commerce buyers need a clear choice, so give them a wide range of shipping and delivery options.

Inaccurate inventories:

If you claim an item is in stock when it is back-ordered, expect to hear from disgruntled customers. Tying your shopping cart software to your back-end inventory management carries a host of benefits, starting with happier and more informed customers.

Online shopping is different, and it requires a unique approach on the part of website designers and business owners. If you have not fully optimized your e-commerce site for online sales, it is time to revisit its design. By knowing what online shoppers hate, you can get a head start on that website design, so you can boost your sales, build your brand and enjoy greater success in this increasingly competitive arena.


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