3 life lessons entrepreneurs can learn from Ragnar Lothbrok, the “Viking hero”

How can one not admire a man who began his life as a farmer, became the king of Denmark, and captured Paris? The intelligence, determination and combativeness of the main character of “Vikings”, the most popular series on the History Channel, are a beautiful source of inspiration for the entire audience – and he keeps us glued to our TVs to see what future challenges he is going to overcome. Ragnar Lothbrok, with his challenging aura, his devotion to his family and his relentless ambition, consists of a captivating character and a formidable leader. There’s a lot we can learn from the Swedish Viking hero.

1 # Exercise Your Curiosity

A curious mind is something that can provide us with numerous benefits, such as broader knowledge, more interesting conversations, and a greater dose of creativity and inspiration. Curiosity involves the pursuit of useful knowledge – and thus also involves discernment, that is, the ability to distinguish between useful and useless ways of using your time and energy.

Like Ragnar, always be on the lookout for more knowledge. Ragner had always been ambitious for grandiose, noble, and important things, and knew full well that he should acquire the fullest knowledge in order to obtain them. To follow his example, there is much to be done. Read articles and books daily that focus on areas that interest you or are relevant to your career and goals. Watch documentaries. Acquire new skills.

2 # Recognize Talents And Deficiencies

Talent, creativity and cunning are essential points for career success, especially when you are an entrepreneur. In order to do the best job possible, surrounding yourself with a first-class group is a necessary step. At certain moments, Ragnar demonstrates a certain arrogance, but on the most important occasions, he is able to recognize his own shortcomings .

While some people seek to surround themselves with people less talented than themselves in order to emphasize their own relevance, leaders are aware of the fact that, when we seek success, it is essential to have talented, competent and resourceful people with abilities that we lack and whose intelligences not only dialogue with ours but complement ours.

Contrary to what many people think, being surrounded by talented people is not something that makes us less special. The talent of those who are in contact with us tends to value and intensify our work, not to obscure it.

3 # Lead By Example

One of the most effective ways to gain the confidence of your team is to lead by example. This is something that, in ancient times, the generals and combatants did, being always ahead of their armies. If you do not have consistency in your words and attitudes, you will demoralize your team.

Motivational writer Israelmore Ayivor posed the question as follows: “We do not lead a person through what we tell him. We lead him through what he sees us do. True leaders also lead themselves.” The core of leadership is the display of admirable and inspiring characteristics. Be a leader, just like Ragnar.


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