Meet Kobo360, the company disrupting Nigeria’s logistics business

Naijaroko recently conducted a survey among a few businesses that are directly or indirectly involved in Nigeria’s logistics industry to identify what are the most frequent challenges faced by entrepreneurs, and in which specific issues require more knowledge and resources.

This survey was carried out privately, with professionals assigned to our information epicenter and actively participating in different industries. Entrepreneurs from 20 states in Nigeria responded to the survey, with positions ranging from lengthy delivery time and cost of operations, to damaged goods. These are inefficiency online logistics solution like Kobo360 and MAX are aiming to address.

Looking at the most recent logistic company to operate in Nigeria, Kobo360 which was founded by Obi Ozor and Ife Oyedele in 2016 helps both individuals and SMEs deliver goods within and outside Nigeria.

Obi Ozor who worked at Uber Nigeria says its services cost 40% less than well-known logistic companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL and ensures that goods are delivered within 48 hours for local deliveries and 72 hours for international deliveries.

Kobo360 works exactly like a cab-hailing platform for freights, it partners with courier companies like Chisco Transport, UPS, KLM, SA Airlines, and a network of truckers who already have the infrastructure needed to provide services to the needing customers.

Its job here is to connect truckers to businesses with freight needs, and pay the drivers or companies immediately after successful haulage.

The startup brand which was recently accepted into YC and raised $1.2 million also runs an investment network called KoboWIN for individual investors who want to invest in transport vehicles.

KoboWIN (Wealth Investment Network) allows investors to invest in new trucks with a seed investment of N14m for a truck and get monthly returns of about N500k for 72 months.



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