Best SANEF partners you should consider registering with

SANEF (Shared Agent Network Expansion Facility) is a project powered by the Central Bank of Nigeria, Deposit Money Banks, Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement Systems, Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, licensed Mobile Money Operators and Shared Agents with the primary objective of accelerating financial inclusion in Nigeria.

The initiative involves on-boarding 40 million low income and underserved Nigerians into the financial system, increasing financial access points from 50,000 in January, 2018 to 500,000 by 2020 and deepening access to mobile and digital financial products and services such as savings accounts, micro loans, insurance and pensions by Nigerians.

The project seeks to deepen financial inclusion in Nigeria through an integrated ecosystem with strong regulatory oversight, consumer protection and interoperable systems with limited concentration risk. It will create a platform for Nigerian owned financial services companies to grow whilst empowering and creating jobs for Nigerians. So, wherever you see the SANEF sign, you can perform basic financial services such as, account opening, cash deposits and withdrawals, funds transfer as well as bills payment.

To become a SANEF agent, you will have to get in touch with one of its licensed partners and get registered as an agent under that partner. SANEF partners include Paga, Cellulant, eTranzact Interswitch, Capricorn, Innovectives, Inlaks, Unified Payments and Xpress Payment Limited.

Every partner has its strengths and weaknesses. Some are already well known in Nigeria while others are still upcoming and have relatively fewer billers. However, your success as a SANEF agent depends mainly on the licensed partner you choose to work with. A poor partner can lead to poor financial services, fewer transactions, poor commissions, discouraging technical support and even death of the agent’s business.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of these SANEF partners.


Interswitch is one of the biggest super agents in Nigeria with over 5000 registered billers nation wide. Interswitch’s minimum startup capital is at 10,000 and from my experience, its dedicated field support puts it ahead of other super agents. Its financial inclusion service is known as IFIS.

Interswitch’s pros:

  • Fast and reliable technical support.
  • Highest number of registered billers and merchants.
  • Well known across Nigeria
  • Aggressive marketing support

Interswitch’s cons:

  • Delayed commissions
  • Registration process is relatively stressful

Interswitch’s contact details:

  • Web:
  • Email:
  • Phone number: +234 1 700 4347


Cellulant is gradually building its agent banking service and will likely be taking the lead in the nearest future. Its agent banking service popularly known as Tingg is partnering with local governments across Nigeria to bring unprecedented banking services to rural areas.

Cellulant’s pros:

  • Relatively stronger presence in Northern Nigeria
  • Good technical support
  • Easy registration process

Cellulant’s cons:

  • Few billers, few transactions
  • Poor marketing support

Cellulant’s contact details:

  • Web:
  • Email:
  • Phone number: +234 903 972 2907


Paga is one of leading mobile money operators in Nigeria. In 2018, Paga recorded the highest number of transactions and largest reaching agent network with over 15,000 transacting agents serving various communities in the country.

Paga’s pros:

  • Better commissions with lots of bonuses
  • Easy registration
  • Reliable technical support
  • Stronger presence in the South West
  • Good marketing support
  • Lots of billers and transactions

Paga’s cons:

  • Relatively higher startup capital (20,000 naira)

Paga’s contact details:

  • Web:
  • Email:
  • Phone number: +234 700 000 7242


With PocketMoni mobile money service, eTranzact has empowered over 9,000 agents across Nigeria. Over the next two years, eTranzact plans to leverage its SANEF deal to deliver about one million active end-users in Nigeria.

eTranzact’s pros:

  • Low startup capital (₦10,000)
  • A dedicated USSD code to perform transactions
  • Lots of billers

eTranzact’s cons:

  • Poor marketing support

eTranzact’s contact details:

  • Web:
  • Email:
  • Phone number: +234 813 741 8795

Capricorn Digital

Capricorn Digital Limited (CDL) is just like Paga but with fewer billers. CDL is working very had to give its agents the best by introducing an easy-to-use POS device called BaxiBox. With the BaxiBox, agents can offer relatively more banking related services like biometric/finger print reading, facial recognition feature, WiFi connectivity and IC card reading.

Capricorn Pros:

  • Sophisticated POS device
  • Reliable server
  • Fast transactions
  • Good technical support
  • Offers more banking related services

Capricorn Cons:

  • Fewer billers resulting in fewer transactions
  • Poor marketing support
  • Special registrations to sell certain products
  • Hidden charges
  • Relatively higher startup deposit (₦25,000)

Capricorn’s contact details:

  • Web:
  • Email:
  • Phone number: +234 818 653 8560


Innovectives is another fintech company that was licensed as a super agent by Nigeria’s apex bank CBN. The company has worked very hard to build its name as one of Nigeria’s most respected last mile financial service company and is doing very well in that regards. What it lacks at the moment is good technical support and less stressful registration process. Let’s see what makes Innovectives standout.

Innovectives’ pro:

  • Good number of billers resulting in more transactions
  • Fast transactions

Innovectives’ cons:

  • Stressful registration process
  • Poor technical support
  • Poor marketing support

Innovectives’ contact details:

  • Web:
  • Email:
  • Phone number: +234 1290 4554

Unified Payments (UP)

UP, another licensed SANEF partner is out to do something different from the others. While other partners will demand a refundable deposit capital of sometimes ₦10,000, UP agents are required to pay ₦5,000 as deposit capital and another nonrefundable deposit of ₦5,000 for registration.

UP’s pros:

  • Agents have the ability to recruit other agents
  • Registration is easy
  • Good technical support

UP’s cons

  • Little or no marketing support
  • Fewer billers, resulting in fewer transactions
  • Registration is not free
  • Too many hidden charges

UP’s contact details:

  • Web:
  • Email:
  • Phone number: +234 700 864 3433

Basic Financial Services Rendered by a SANEF agent:

  • BVN enrollment
  • NIMC enrollment
  • TIN registration
  • Sim card registration
  • Bank account opening
  • Card issuance
  • Cash deposits & withdrawal
  • Loan disbursement & repayment
  • Balance enquiry & fund transfer
  • Remittances
  • General insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Agric & farm insurance
  • Government tax payment
  • Cable payment


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