How to create a new habit in 8 steps

We would all love to become the best versions of ourselves. Be more productive, more attractive, freer, happier. But sometimes we end up frustrating ourselves by pursuing such a goal – and giving ourselves up to despair. But regret is not a good strategy. Instead, how about trying to promote a lot of changes in your habits ?

It is natural that we have some difficulty in making such changes. One of the main reasons? We focus a lot on our ultimate goal, rather than paying attention to the process to achieve it. We are here today to give you an idea on the best ways to create new habits.

1# Be aware of your actions

What we do over and over again shapes the people we are. This means that if you have a habit that is unhealthy or harmful to yourself, you need to change it. Being aware of this is the first step – and it is also one of the most important.

2 #Be disciplined

They say that discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements. This means that if we are properly disciplined, we will be much more likely to achieve our goals . Discipline will make us take responsibility for our own lives, and also improve ourselves mentally and physically.

3 # New habits take time to inculcate

According to experts, simple habits can become part of you in about 21 days . In other cases, depending on the complexity, the effort you spend will take longer to produce, up to 66 days . Either way, this is the time to exercise the virtue of patience .

4 # Focus in the first three weeks

As we said, it will take you about 21 days for a simple habit to become something automatic in your life. And if you invest in those early days, sustaining your decisions will become something much simpler. Be persevering and consistent, make a commitment to yourself, as if it were a commitment to work.

5 # Remove thoughts

Change your environment so that it does not present any temptation in the first few weeks. If your intention is to eat healthy, for example, remove foods that are not favorable to your goal. If you intend to stop smoking , throw away all cigarette packs. And so on.

6 # Mirror in exemplary people

In many ways, we end up mirroring ourselves in the people who are close to us. And even if we do not look at them, we’re more likely to get a part of their habits . So be sure to associate yourself with people who exhibit exemplary behaviors in the area that you want to perfect yourself.

7 # Make smart substitutions

Replacements are extremely important. When we are seeking to move away from a certain way of life, we must find something specific that takes its place . For example, if you plan to spend less time on your phone , always keep a book nearby and turn to it when you feel the urge to navigate your apps.

8 # Reward yourself

Reward yourself each time you practice your new behavior with prosperity. With this you will be reaffirming and reinforcing the same. If you do two weeks of the most committed diet combined with a good dose of exercise, for example, reward yourself with an ice cream at the end of the week. The taste of it will get even better.



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