US urges allied governments not to use Chinese Huawei devices

In August, Donald Trump banned the use of Chinese Huawei and ZTE technologies by the US government. Now he wants to extend this to other nations. According to the Wall Street Journal, the United States is trying to persuade its allies to avoid Huawei’s telecommunication equipment.

The US government have allegedly contacted officials and executives of telecommunication companies in countries where Huawei handsets are already widely used and has alleged cybersecurity risks related to the use of the Chinese company’s devices.

The main concerns, according to anonymous sources heard by the Wall Street Journal, would be in the use of Chinese telecommunication equipment in countries where the United States has military bases, such as Japan, Italy and Germany.

Although the US Department of Defense has its own satellites and telecommunication network for more delicate communication, most of the traffic at various US military sites occurs through commercial networks.

Several times, Huawei has come out to deny any involvement in intelligence and espionage work for governments. The company is one of a number of Chinese technology companies that have become targets of the US government in the face of growing trade conflicts between countries.

In February of this year, FBI, CIA and NSA leaders urged US citizens not to use Huawei and ZTE products and services for fear of intrusion by Chinese nationals into US telecommunication networks.


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