8 ways to earn money online

With the evolution of new technologies, a wide range of possibilities have been opened to make money in and through the Internet. Besides having changed the way we work, the Internet has also created many new jobs that were previously unthinkable. From blogging to digital marketing, the list is quite long. Buy like any other business, your online income requires time to grow. You must be willing to spend the time and energy necessary to get your idea off the ground. Here are 8 ways the Internet can pay you when you put in the time and energy required to succeed online.


Being an influencer, as the name suggests, consists of being able to influence the lifestyle of your followers. It is one of the most desired jobs for young people today but it is not easy getting brands to work with you. It’s about gradually getting followers through a blog, a YouTube channel, Instagram or any other social media platform. The moment you have a sufficient number of followers, brands can then decide to pay you to promote their products through your platform.


It is possible that you are an expert in some field of knowledge, either by training or curiosity, and it is also possible that you can help many people with your wisdom. There are websites where anyone can offer this type of service and get paid for it. As a new consultant, you will have to find clients. You will need a reliable, highly reputed platform that provides an excellent way to acquire new clients, reach a wide range of people looking for your expertise. Some reputable platform for expert include, PrestoExperts, Guru, Upwork and Fiverr.


To advance in podcasting you need to find a niche market, grow an audience and then find ways to monetize and connect with the sponsors. It is not the easiest way to earn money online, since there is a lot writing, recording and editing to do, but it is worth considering. Learn podcasting here.

Online tutor

It is possible that when in your student stage you tutored a neighbour or a course mate on how to do something worth learning. If you take your knowledge online, it can be really profitable. You can set up online courses on the subject that you are good in. Start earning extra cash helping others while you work from home. Some online educational platforms where you can find students include TutorMe and Skooli.


If you like to write and have stories to tell, either because you are an expert on a topic or because you have a special charisma capable of captivating an audience, you can consider writing a blog. The more followers you accumulate, the easier it is for you to get paid for your posts or for the number of daily impressions.

If you have created your blog, you can get a Google AdSense account for free. Google will give you a unique code that will stick to your blog and place unique ads on it. Google will also track visits and traffic that come to your blog.

Affiliate marketing

This is about associating with companies or brands within the content of your blog. If you mention a product or service, you link to that product or service using a unique affiliate code that you received when you enrolled in the particular affiliate program. In addition to subscribing to individual affiliate programs, you can also subscribe to an affiliate ad network that offers a ton of different affiliates in one place. That way, you can see what works and what does not work over time.

Web seminars

Creating webinars to sell a product, service or course is one of the ideas for making money online. With a webinar you are offering many tips and suggestions for free, usually in a live format. However, in the end, you launch your paid product or service in order to secure some offers. Learn more about Webinar here.

YouTube channel

YouTube is another platform that has made it possible for people to earn money online. There are countless YouTube channels on any topic, and most youtubers with a lot of followers are making some money creating their own videos. In your new YouTube channel, you can talk about almost anything. You can talk about current affairs, gaming, give how to/educational tips, talk about technology, travels, movies, musical, fashion and many more.


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