At least for now, Apple is not the most valuable company in the world, Microsoft is

In August, Apple achieved a huge financial milestone by being the first company in US history to be valued at $ 1 trillion. On that occasion, the value per share stood at 207.05 dollars and then rose to 231 dollars. Unfortunately today that has been completely reversed.

In recent days the value of Apple shares was falling steadily and on Friday, the company that 4 months ago was valued at a trillion dollars, ended with a market value of only 746 billion dollars (172.2 dollars per share).

Those 746 billion dollars placed it second behind Microsoft, whose valuation today is 753 billion dollars. This follows Microsoft’s continues plan to invest heavily on cloud technology. Office 365 and Azure seems to be the solution for the Redmond company, which continues to hold firmly among the best valued companies in the world.

Apple’s major problem were the prices of its new iPhones which nobody expected to be that expensive. For example, the iPhone XS Max’s price starts at $ 1,099 and reaches $ 1,449. In recent weeks, the news of low production, a decrease in orders, discounts and other news were things that did not go unnoticed by investors and were reflected in this decline in the valuation of Apple.

Having said all this, Apple never ceases to amaze us and I would not be surprised if it returns back to its number position in the nearest future.


Written by NaijaRoko

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