Top 5 Instagram Marketing Trends You Need to Jump On for 2019

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Social media never stops evolving, which means your social media marketing plan should never remain the same. Instagram saw a lot of changes in 2018 that opened doors marketers can benefit from in 2019. Here are the top 5 trends in Instagram marketing you need to keep in mind when optimizing your strategy for 2019:

1. Shoppable Posts

Instagram has a new shopping feature allowing users to shop from within the app, making it easier than ever for marketers to convert followers into paying customers. Gone are the days of hoping your followers click the link in your bio after you promote your product on lnstagram. Now, your Instagram account can be shoppable when you tag your products in posts and stories. When a user taps ”Shop Now,” they are taken out of Instagram and to your sales page. Making the most of this new lnstagram feature is a must for 2019.

2. Ads in lnstagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a new trend on lnstagran that isn’t going away in 2019. With about 400 million users tuning in each day, stories are a great way to lure your audience into a marketing pitch, especially for a time-sensitive offer. Because they only stay for 24 hours before they disappear, your audience is more likely to check it out while they still have the chance.

You can also place cost-effective ads inside your stories to get eyes on your products. Because ads on Instagram Stories is still new, it’s cheaper than alternatives like Facebook ads, and there’s not a lot of competition yet. The sooner you start taking ads on Instagram Stories, the sooner you’ll find an ad strategy that takes your lnstagram marketing ROI to the next level.

3 Vertical Videos

Instagram videos used to be square-shaped, just like lnstagram pictures. Now you can post videos that fit the full size of your phone’s screen when held vertically, the way it is when you’re scrolling through lnstagram. Vertical video is a growing trend used in lnstagram Life, Instagram Stories and IGTV. Because they take up more space on the screen than widescreen videos, they draw more attention and compete better on lnstagram. If you’ve been posting widescreen videos for a while, it’s time to learn how to create and edit vertical ones, because this trend isn’t going away.

4. lnstagram Story Highlights

Instagram Stories are perfect for capturing your audience’s attention with content that will only be available for 24 hours. However, Story highlights lets you curate and group photos and video clips that stay on your profile and can be viewed any time. Because your Story Highlights appear at the top of your Instagram profile under your bio, you can treat them almost like web pages you’d want users to visit on your website. For example, use one “About Me” or “About Us” story to introduce readers to your business. You could also have a Story highlight for each of your product lines.

Another way to use Story Highlights is to provide valuable content to your target audience so you can build authority on lnstagram the way you would on a blog. You can create evergreen content like tutorials, listed tips, DIY instructions and more using Story Highlights.

5 Engagement Features Questions and Polls

Questions stickers and poll stickers are new features you can add to Instagram Stories to garner user engagement and gain valuable marketing insight. The questions sticker lets users submit questions for you to answer, whereas the poll sticker lets you ask a question and survey your audience.

Using the questions sticker is a great way to have conversations and boost interactions on Instagram in a way that makes you authentic and builds customer loyalty. With polls, you can find out your audience’s likes, dislikes, interests and other data that can help you tailor your marketing to them.

Staying Competitive on lnstagram

Old lnstagram marketing techniques will always give way to fresh ones based on evolving user trends and new features on the platform. It’s important to constantly test new strategies and explore new features on Instagram so that your business can get the most out of the platform. Remember: the faster you jump on a rising trend, the less competition you’re up against-and the more you get out of your marketing efforts.



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