30 Best Paid Musicians of 2018

Irish band U2 released “The Joshua Tree” many years ago, but the album has had long lasting results. The group played all the tracks on the album at each of the Joshua Tree Tour shows and grossed $ 316 million, thanks to an audience of about 2.7 million who made it the most lucrative tour last year.

With the end of the tour and the beginning of the next, the band led by Bono Vox was able to raise $ 118 million in the period evaluated by the new edition of Forbes’ 2018 Best-paid Musicians, once again taking the top spot.

But U2 members are not the only Islanders to earn big this year. Coldplay took the runner-up with $ 115.5 million in earnings, and singer Ed Sheeran ranked 3rd at $ 110 million, the highest-paid solo artist. Bruno Mars appears in 4th place with his “24K Magic World Tour” and $ 100 million.

Altogether, the Top 10 raised $ 886 million, roughly the same amount from last year’s list. But by 2018, the ranking has more names with hundreds of millions of dollars in earnings – four against two in 2017.

Although the first four nominees belong to the pop genre, the rest of the honorees come from other song types. It has hip hop, country, electronic music and even heavy metal. However, there is no balance when it comes to gender: only six women are on the list, led by Katy Perry in 5th place with $ 83 million, and Taylor Swift in 6th place with $ 80 million.

Some names almost got a place on the list, like Rihanna, J. Cole, Dr. Dre and Nas, with more than $ 30 million each.

See the full list of 30 Most Well-Paid Musicians of 2018 :

30. Rolling Stones
Earnings: $ 39 million

With more than half a century of career, the Rolling Stones still satisfy the public. The band, which collects most of the tour earnings, makes an average of $ 5 million per show, and made 17 presentations during the screening period. In April 2019, they will start the “No Filter US Tour”.

29. Billy Joel
Gains: $ 43.5 million

The piano man broke a record in November this year by presenting 50 consecutive shows at Madison Square Garden. Joel raises most of his millions on tour, but has side projects in New York, such as a motorcycle shop and a boat shop.

27. The Chainsmokers (draw)
Earnings: $ 45.5 million

The electronic music duo behind the hit “Closer” and “Something Just Like This” get cheques with hundreds of thousands of dollars per show. Made more than 100 performances during the evaluation period.

27. Garth Brooks (draw)
Gains: $ 45.5 million

The country legend sold more than 6 million tickets on his North American tour with his wife Trisha Yearwood. He remains active even after the end of the series of presentations, being one of the main attractions of the California’s Stagecoach festival and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

25. Metallica (draw)
Earnings: $ 46 million

After four decades of the band’s formation, Metallica still knows how to play. They still win the rights to their songs, under the label of Blackened Recordings.

25. Elton John (draw)
Earnings: $ 46 million

Elton John got most of his winnings in Las Vegas. Now he’s taking off for his music tour: the “Farewell Yellowbrick Road Tour,” with 300 dates set over three years on five continents.

22. Foo Fighters (draw)
Earnings: $ 47 million

Foo Fighters’ new album “Concrete And Gold” made it to No. 1 on the charts, but did not win the gold certificate for sales. Even so, the rockers have crowded the arenas with their shows, billing millions per night.

22. Jennifer Lopez (draw)
Earnings: $ 47 million

JLo released the single “Dinero” with the participation of DJ Khaled and Cardi B in May this year, a very appropriate title, as their earnings grew 24% compared to last year. She also garnered her Las Vegas residency, publicity stunts and television appearances as “World of Dance.”

22. Drake (draw)
Earnings: $ 47 million

Most consumed artist around the world, with the greater number of streams, Drake slowed down on the road, getting $ 47 million over the evaluation period.

21. Paul McCartney
Earnings: $ 47.5 million

It’s been almost 50 years since the Beatles split up, but Paul McCartney remains relevant on the music scene, filling arenas with his shows. His new album “Egypt Station” secured first place in the US charts.

20. Calvin Harris
Earnings: $ 48 million

The top-grossing DJ continues to raise hundreds of thousands per show at the Hakkasan nightclub in Las Vegas and millions at festivals. His new single “One Kiss” topped the charts in the UK and Europe.

19. Lady Gaga
Earnings: $ 50 million

Lady Gaga has added the title of “movie star” to her resume this year thanks to the critically acclaimed film “Born a Star,” opposite Bradley Cooper. Now she’s starting her show residency in Las Vegas.

18. Jimmy Buffett
Earnings: $ 51 million

Singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett could keep up with his company Margaritaville, who raised half of his winnings. But she still sets foot on the road – and attracts a lot of fans.

16. Luke Bryan (draw)
Gains: $ 52 million

Country star Luke Bryan is raking in his tour, which featured 84 stops around the world over our trial period, with millions in earnings per night. He also won for his jury participation in the “American Idol” program and with advertising agreements.

16. Pink (draw)
Earnings: $ 52 million

It pays to be Pink. The singer has raised seven digits for each stop on her “Beautiful Trauma Tour” which went through North America and Oceania. Pink’s identity as an uninvolved artist with the world of pop has solidified her fan base of former rebellious teenagers who now crowd arenas to see her performances.

15. Depeche Mode
Earnings: $ 53 million

New wave veterans may not have the recognition of a broad audience as well as their colleagues on the list, but Depeche Mode has silently built one of the most profitable tours of last year, playing on more than 90 dates during our trial period, and raising $ 1 million per city.

14. The Eagles
Earnings: $ 56 million

Despite the loss of Glenn Frey in 2016 and the fact that the group did not release a new album more than a decade ago, the Eagles continues to fill the arenas across the United States earning millions per night.

13. The Weeknd
Earnings: $ 57 million

The last year was profitable for the “Starboy” singer, who made billions of streams and raised millions with his tour. Agreements with the H & M, Puma and Bacardi brands further increase the numbers in your account.

12. Kendrick Lamar
Earnings: $ 58 million

One of the audience’s favorite rappers, Kendrick Lamar packed arenas from Los Angeles to London on his “The Championship Tour” tour. He also garnered advertising deals with Nike and American Express.

11. Beyonce
Earnings: $ 60 million

Queen Bey had a relatively quiet year after giving birth to the twins. That changed in April, with her groundbreaking performance at Coachella, followed in June by the release of “Everything Is Love” – her first joint album with husband Jay-Z – and a marital tour, “On The Run II.”

10. Diddy
Earnings: $ 64 million

Diddy continues to raise money thanks to his liquor empire, which includes Cîroc vodka, DeLeon tequila and Purified water Aquahydrate.

9. Roger Waters
Earnings: $ 68 million

The Pink Floyd guitarist lives on tour, collecting more than 100 concerts throughout our evaluation period from “Us and Them Tour”. Even at age 70, Waters remains active, addressing politics in a bold way.

8. Guns N ‘Roses
Gains: $ 71 million

Guns N ‘Roses may have an appetite for destruction, but it has raised a fair amount of money. The band’s world tour, with members Axl Rose and Slash, is one of the biggest in the last year, collecting most of the winnings.

7. Jay-Z
Earnings: $ 76.5 million

The multifaceted artist set foot on the road with the album “4:44” after receiving his twin children with Beyoncé in 2017. This year he is collecting with the album along with his wife, “Everything Is Love”, and the tour “On The Run II”.

6. Taylor Swift
Earnings: $ 80 million

His new album “Reputation” sold 2 million copies in the release week. Now, Taylor is making a profit from a tour that will take her from Tampa, United States, to Tokyo, Japan.

5. Katy Perry
Earnings: $ 83 million

One of the hardest working on the list, Katy Perry performed at 80 shows on her “Witness: The Tour” during the reporting period, grossing more than $ 1 million a night. She also managed to find time to be sworn in for the new version of “American Idol” on “ABC”, claiming to earn about $ 20 million for the job.

4. Bruno Mars
Earnings: $ 100 million

The singer has already raised $ 250 million with his “24K Magic World Tour”, which is not over yet. Mars even added six Grammys to his resume, in three of the biggest categories, which made his total double in quantity.

3. Ed Sheeran
Earnings: $ 110 million

At only 27, Ed Sheeran is the highest-paid solo artist on the list, with billions of views on last year’s streams and their performances on arenas. He even made appearances on television shows such as “Game of Thrones” and “The Simpsons.”

2. Coldplay
Earnings: $ 115.5 million

Coldplay’s “Head Full Of Dreams Tour” grossed more than $ 500 million with two years of performance on five continents. This total makes the tour behind only the U2 360 Tour and the Rolling Stones’ Bigger Bang Tour as the most lucrative of all time.

1. U2
Earnings: US $ 118 million

The “Joshua Tree Tour” by the Irish rock band, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the self-titled album, grossed $ 316 million thanks to the 2.7 million fans. The band also released their 14th album, “Songs of Experience”, in December of last year.


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