Alphabet launches its first autonomous taxi service: Waymo One

Today, Alphabet announced the launch of its first commercial self-driving taxi service, which it simply named Waymo One.

The service will work in the same way as services like Uber or Lyft. Users will manage their trips from an application and after obtaining the estimated price of the trip, they can request one of the self-driving Waymo vehicles .

For now, only riders who are registered in the program and who participated in the tests carried out so far will be able to use the service. These users can invite up to two adults and one child to make the trip.

For now Waymo One will operate in the Metro Phoenix area, including Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, and Gilbert. At the start, Waymo-trained drivers will be riding along to supervise the operation for riders’ comfort and convenience.

For now we do not know the duration of this program, nor when it will be released for the general public, but even so, this is a very important step taken by Alphabet.


Author: NaijaRoko

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