Facebook is testing a new way of selling products through live videos

Trying to further boost its product sales platform to compete with eBay, Craigslist and even Nigeria’s Jiji, Facebook is testing a new feature that allows merchants to show their products through live videos.

Facebook says this new feature lets merchants demo and describe their products to followers.

With the live videos potential buyers can buy right on the platform, during the broadcast on the page, without leaving Facebook.

Below is a screenshot made by Techcrunch about the notice to merchants about this new live streaming feature:

For now the test is with traders from Thailand. According to Facebook, this is one of the countries with the most active Marketplace communities, which is an ideal test for the new live broadcasting function.

According to the first results of the test, Facebook told Techcrunch that Thai merchants pointed out that the possibility of showing their products live and answering questions of potential buyers who watch the video was more useful than just showing a photo of the product.

It is not a bad idea to sell products in this way, the QVC cable network has been selling products from different retailers in this way for years and it is a success, so this new function of Facebook can also be so.


Written by NaijaRoko

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