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There are some clear advantages to maintaining an active business page on Facebook. A Facebook page is basically free advertising. For no fee, your posts will be curated on your follower’s feed, keeping your business in the awareness of you customer base. This will convert to overall increase in sales. Sounds pretty good, right?

There’s one catch: You can only reap these amazing benefits if people actually like and follow your page. Getting your customer base to like your Facebook page takes some effort. If you feel in over your head, keep reading for a few tips to get you started.

Ask Employees to like your Business Page:

Your employees are one of your most valuable resources. One additional value they can provide your business is their established social network. Ask your employees to like your Facebook page. This will make your page more visible to their pre-existing social network. If your product or service is of interest to members of your employee’s networks, you have a good chance of garnering more likes.

Reach Out to Existing Contacts

Your own social network is a great resource as well. There are likely many people in your life who are curious about your business and want you to succeed. Reach out to your contacts and kindly ask them to like your business on Facebook. This can help your page gain the initial traction it needs.

Use Searchable Terms When Filling Out Your Facebook Page

You may be familiar with using searchable terms to improve the SEO for your website. The same principle holds true for your Facebook page. Use searchable terms related to you product or service. This will make your page visible to Facebook users who are actively seeking what you offer.

Promote Your Facebook Page on Your Blog and Website

Promoting your Facebook page on your existing online platforms will encourage your existing customers to like you on Facebook. Once they have liked your Facebook page, your Facebook posts will appear in their feed. This helps keep your business in the awareness of already enthusiastic customers, helping you build and maintain brand loyalty.

Post Content That Helps Your Followers

While Facebook posts are a great way to promote product launches, you have to offer more than that to gain loyal followers. Otherwise, what would be your customers’ incentive to follow your page? Providing valuable content gives customers an added reason to follow your Facebook business page.

For example, if you run a company for women’s apparels, it’s pretty clear that your customer base are women who love to keep up with fashion. A female fashion enthusiast may not want to be “spammed” with nothing but product launches, but she may be happy to receive content relevant to the genre.

For example, they may welcome links to articles about new fashion accessories, fashion tips and designers latest collections.

Closing Thoughts

A Facebook business page is a hugely important component of your online presence. If you garner enough followers on Facebook, your business page can be an incredibly powerful driver of sales. Garnering substantial likes and followers takes some effort, but fortunately, it’s pretty straightforward, and you can reap many benefits


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