This Is Why You Need To Hire an SEO Consultant

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Like a black hole, the internet exerts a massive and inexorable influence on purchase decisions, which is why a skilled SEO consultant can do wonders for you overall business performance. Most consumers – 88 percent, according to the eCommerce Foundation’s United States eConmerce Country Report – carry out pre-purchase research online, even when they are planning to conduct said purchases offline.

In the vast majority of cases, these consumers – prospective buyers, to be more accurate – never extend their research beyond the first page of search engine results, which is why it is one of the most valuable pieces of virtual real estate on the planet. The first page of Google’s search results, for instance, captures up to 92 percent of search traffic clicks according to Kelly Shelton, the vice-president of marketing at SEO and online marketing firm Boostability; the second page captures less than six percent of traffic.

The rudiments of search engine optimization are not complicated, which is why some business owners prefer managing their own SEO.

However, the simplicity of these fundamentals belies just how intricate SEO can get in practice. Considering the wealth of value good SEO adds to a business, it may be a far better idea to invest in an SEO consultant. Here are three compelling reasons why you should consider hiring an SEO pro.

Good SEO is Actually Hard

Good SEO encompasses a number of technical variables – backlinking, website optimization, user experience, and more that can overwhelm even relatively proficient users. These variables are not configured the same way for every website; for instance, one site may require additional backlinking, while another may need content optimization.

Beyond these variables, there are other factors to consider, such as the regular changes Google makes to its search algorithms, some of which require considerable expertise and time to uncover. This is why a good SEO strategy is never static.

In addition, mistakes, some of which may not be obvious to unskilled users – adding too many backlinks or keywords, using irrelevant keywords, or duplicating content, for example can prompt search engines to lower the rank of your page or, even worse, penalize it, making it essentially invisible. An SEO consultant will help you avoid these problems.

SEO consultants have the right tools and know which to use for what

Crafting a sound SEO strategy requires insights and context that free tools such as Google Analytics may not be able to provide. For this reason, SEO consultants invest in a variety of advanced premium tools to gain information on aspects such as search volumes and keyword relevance.

Armed with these insights, SEO pros can figure out what has been working for you, find out what has worked for similar businesses, conduct competitor analyses, and develop SEO strategies that will help you stand out from the competition. A good SEO strategy will positively impact areas as varied as website user experience, audience engagement, business reputation, purchase behavior, and more.

A Well-Crafted SEO Strategy Has an Excellent Return on Investment

Unlike traditional modes of advertising, good SEO is precise, targeting just those interested in what you purvey. This exactitude makes SEO efficient, and by extension, cost-effective, which means a small investment goes a long way. In comparison, most regular-issue advertising methods require a significant and ongoing investment to make a difference.

Closing Thoughts

With the foregoing in mind, it is easy to see why hiring an SEO consultant may be one of the soundest business decisions you can ever make. A well-crafted SEO strategy can significantly improve many aspects of your business particularly those related to online visibility, customer engagement and business differentiation. In short, good SEO can give you the edge you need to win.

Good luck.

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