What SEO factors should you look out for in 2019?

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The considerable number of elements to the Google algorithm makes it hard to focus on a few Individual SEO factors. Each year, though, a few key factors are determining the way you need to approach your optimization efforts. While you need to take a broad approach to SEO, including all the standard practices like on-page optimization and relevant backlinks, it is worth considering the factors that might require you to tweak your methods. So what are the key factors to consider in SEO for 2019?

Voice Search

Voice Search accounts for an estimated 20% of all search engine queries, with numbers only likely to grow. The holiday period is a time when voice activated devices are gifted, leading to a spike in usage over the next months.

Site owners should already be considering the importance of voice search, but there is still plenty you can do. With the type of queries changing as voice search grows, simple adjustments can give high rankings for search terms that are growing in popularity.

Firstly, becoming a rich snippet will be helpful for searches based around a question. Construct some posts to answer common questions you can find with the AnswerThePublic tool. You can then develop short posts that answer these questions in a direct and conversational style. Secondly, with the high number of local searches using voice, it is essential for local businesses to develop content. Update your Google My Business information and use data markup on your site to cover every business detail a user may require.

Mobile-First Index

The mobile-first index began rolling out at the start of 2018, with the update still taking place. The change means that Google now indexes the mobile version of the site instead of the desktop version. However, if a visitor is using a desktop computer, they will still see the desktop version. For the sites that use one URL for both mobile and desktop, the change won’t impact them.

Many sites use responsive design, so they won’t need to do anything. Older sites that have not adjusted to the rise of mobile browsing, though, should consider overhauling their design and becoming responsive. The rollout of mobile-first indexing will take some time, but sites that offer a good user experience for visitors across all devices will have no reason to worry.

Brand Mentions

When it comes to SEO, backlinks are the focal point of a campaign. It is crucial, however, to note the importance of brand mentions that don’t link back to the main site. Google now can recognize mentions of brand names within content, allowing them to include them when assessing authority.

Direct links back to a site might hold more importance right now, so there is no reason to stop trying to acquire authoritative and relevant links. However, the growth of brand mentions is only likely to grow in importance for Google.

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