Uber Rival transports riders in gold luxury cars


There is something magical and magnificent about the idea of being able to buy a high-performance luxury sports car and making it even more luxurious with the golden color.

This idea is just a dream for most of us, but Miwhip, Uber’s new rival, intends to make riding on such cars normal for its users. The hitch-hiker application was launched with the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 488, Rolls Royce Ghost II, Mercedes G Wagon and McLaren 720s models for the delights of Londoners who love luxury.

To a skeptic, this may seem like just a marketing trick. But, as I discovered, the deal is much more impressive than being transported in a Lamborghini.

The application began as a project by five London brothers who grew up watching the hard work of their late father, a taxi driver, who tried to balance work and family life.

“The story began long before our father died eight years ago. We always had these emotional memories, from when we helped him count the money he earned that day after getting us to school, “said co-founder Amerah Ahmed, who returned to London after spending 15 years challenging gender norms in the Middle East.

“That’s why we get 10% less commission than our competitors and we offer daily driver’s bonuses. We knew that our father had a good day’s work based on the number of grocery bags he brought home. And we know that parents like ours work hard, so we want to reward them. This is a big part of our philosophy, “he adds.

“When we were designing the application, we also knew we could not do the same thing as everyone else. We wanted to challenge the status quo and give people the chance to return home with a Ferrari, “he explains.

In the end, Miwhip was able to put together the business application model for transportation, such as reservations and boarding in the central part of the city, packed in a luxurious gold car or, as the application calls it, a “mione” cost only £ 5.

“We have two options for drivers: the possibility of being autonomous or of being our employee. In the second case, we have a team of specially trained professionals to make your race match museum experience, “said Chris Smith, chief financial officer of the application. He says these special drivers drive McLaren cars and that passengers need to be lucky enough to fall with them to have that experience.

“Traveling does not have to be boring. It is possible to travel with luxury cars. And this can become one of the best things in London. We, Londoners, are proud of classic icons like the black cab and the phone booth. But we can create this luxury habit as well, “says co-founder Nohman Ahmed.

So the London brothers have gained prominence, and the app, available for both Android and iOS, has already been downloaded thousands of times in the first six weeks of release.

Tourists can also benefit from app feature which uses the passenger’s location to suggest places for leisure, as well as giving unique dining tips in London, all updated daily.

With this launch, I believe that Miwhip can make Rolls Royce Ghost II my new means of transport for shopping.


Written by NaijaRoko

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