5 Reasons You Need a Blog To Boost Your Freelance Writing Business in 2019

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When people hear about blogging, the first thing they think of is a gossip or fashion blog. True, we have a lot of those on the internet today. But in truth, this is not all that blogging is about.

A blog is actually your best online marketing tool. And as a freelance writer, you are to use it to showcase your skills, as well as to sell your products and services.

I’ve had several clients contact me on my blog. I never would have known those people existed, let alone knowing that they were in need of my services. But because they saw I know my stuff and knew I was capable, they made contact.

So why is a blog so important?

Freedom: With your personal blog functioning, you can actually be yourself and have all the freedom to advertise your services as best as you want to. You’re not scared of breaking anyone’s rules, because you make the rules on your own space. However, please try not to joke with Google’s rules, or else, Google wouldn’t bring your site up in search results. We’ll talk more about Google’s rules later.

Well Organized: On your blog, you can set your site for easy navigation. When people come to your site, they find it very easy to find information about you and your blog. Unlike in a regular social media space where people will need to search your feed thoroughly for your articles and several other important information about you and your services. As we all know, posts get lost in many other posts on social media. But with your blog, they are always easy to find.

Best Marketing Tool: A blog is actually the best marketing tool of any online business. Why? Because it offers you the chance to post articles regularly about your business, what it’s about, how it has helped people and even what your customers are saying about your business. You can also make engaging posts about your business to aid discussion among your readers, and therefore, more sales.

Best Sales Letter: A blog is your best sales letter. Or should I say your best copy. When clients ask for samples of my work, I simply give them my blog link so they can go through my blog posts. Afterwards, they ask that I draw up their project plan, and seal the deal right away with an upfront payment. This is because I have proved myself over and over again with my articles, that I am equal to the job.

More Income Streams: With a blog, you can work towards having more income streams. So apart from offering writing services, and any other service you want to get yourself involved in, you can decide to sell products on your blog. It could be physical or electronic products. Then you can make extra income from affiliate marketing and paid adverts.

One major thing with blogging though, is consistency, along with ensuring you put out only quality content, in your niche, for your readers. Be determined, push on, implement new strategies and be consistent. I assure you, your efforts will pay off.

Cheers to a better 2019.

Karo Oforofuo is the owner, self-published author, story blogger and head of the ghostwriting team at – http://pelleura.top


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