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Many people are looking for ways to earn extra income. Money doesn’t seem to go as far these days, and freelancing the talents and training you already have is a great way to supplement your salary. Some people start freelancing part-time, with the hope to eventually make it a full-time business. It’s easier than ever before to engage in this entrepreneurial type of work. Good freelancers are hard to find, but if you fall into “good” category there are plenty of available jobs. Technology and the internet make it possible to market your talents all over the country and beyond. If your skills can be used remotely, there are no limits on finding customers for your business.

Content Marketing

Many companies have a small content marketing team or none at all. It’s too expensive to hire someone, pay extra taxes, and provide hearth care benefits. Many companies will hire a freelance content marketing specialist as an independent contractor, and obtain a talented professional without the additional overhead. Successfully marketing your skills and services shows potential customers you are a professional and can produce the same quality work for their business.


High quality photography is in demand by all types of businesses. Real estate companies want professional images to sell the properties they list. If you invest in virtual tour software, you can offer online home walkthroughs. The 360 degree view allows the viewer to rotate the picture on screen and tour the home that interests them. Homebuyers can view virtual tows on computers, tablets and smartphones. Real estate agencies hire freelance professionals to do still shots and slide shows. Build a website and use your own home or that of a family member’s to demonstrate the power of a virtual tour and your photography skills.


Most of the income made from blogging comes from advertising Google AdSense, Amazon and Jumia affiliates, WordAds and BlogAds all provide ways to earn money from your blog. If you have a skill that can be taught, you can create videos and text lessons that can be sold to blog regulars. If your blog is about cooking, entertainment, health, fashion, or other interests, you can contact companies directly to discuss advertising on your blog. In order to grow your readership and increase advertising revenues, add new contents two or three times a week.

Artist Illustrator

The growth of self-publishing has created a demand for artists who can illustrate books. Independent children’s authors are looking for artist’s who can read a story, and create pictures that capture the essence of the book’s characters and theme. Some artist’s get picked up by publishing houses and turn their talent into a full-time career.

Graphic Designer

The need for graphic designers has steadily grown in the technology field. Freelance work is available for game and app design, website graphics, video slides, and infographics. The field is wide open, and creative people who are earning substantial amounts of extra income designing logos, banners and banners, and graphics. This freelance opportunity can easily become a full-time business opportunity.


If you are fluent in more than one language, there are excellent opportunities available for freelancers. If you are based in the US, France or any other developed nation, this freelance opportunity could be for you. If you are in the US, you could apply to be certified by the American Translators Association, and you can make top dollars for your work. You will get the most jobs for translation in languages that are commonly used in education or business in the United States. Spanish, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic are languages where translators are used frequently. Schools with an influx of immigrants and refugees are in need of transistors in Spanish and Arabic. Mandarin Chinese is an important language in international business. French and German are regularly used in both education and business settings. Translators are needed in many languages, and if you are bilingual, you can earn extra money.


Search engine optimization, smartphone apps, responsive web design, programing and other tech-related skills provide numerous job opportunities. If you excel in any tech niche, turn your abilities in freelancing dollars. Start by approaching businesses in your local community before branching out.

Freelancing as a Business

Freelancing is not a hobby, it’s a business. You must keep records, report income, and pay taxes. When you are in business, you are responsible to brand and market your skills. Businesses look for highly-qualified freelancers to fill the gap when there is no in-house employee or team with the needed experience. Set reasonable rates but do not give your services away. You are entitled to charge the going rate for what you do. Research the pay scale thoroughly.

Your fees should reflect your expenses aswell as profit.


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