3 SEO Methods to Help You Outshine Your Competitors in 2019

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There are few things as important to businesses today as having a website that ranks highly in online search results. Even a small increase or decrease in these rankings can have a huge impact on sales, which means that search engine optimization needs to be at the forefront of your marketing efforts. Here are three excellent strategies for gaining an advantage over your competitors when it comes to SEO.

1) Know Where Their Links Come From

There are many online tools available that allow you to see a list of all the websites that link to your competitors.

By knowing which websites their backlinks are coming from, you can reach out to these same website and request that they link to you as well. Perhaps they could mention you alongside your competitors, or you could write a piece of content for their website in exchange for the opportunity to share a link to yours. This strategy can be especially effective if you’re currently being outperformed by your competitors in search results, as it allows you to essentially match their backlinks and make your website exactly as authoritative to search engine algorithm’s as theirs are. Once you’ve achieved this, it becomes easier to spot weaknesses in their link profiles that you can then bolster on your side, which will make it easier for you to overcome them in search results.

2) Write about Your Competitors

Publishing content on your website that has to do with your competitors can be a highly effective SEO strategy. Of course, you should never share anything that’s malicious or untrue, but there are plenty of approaches you can take with this that will be honest and genuinely useful to people, as well as beneficial for your search rankings. For example, you could post an article detailing the differences between the services of your main competitors and what you have to offer your customers and do so in a way that highlights why your services are the best option. Content such as this will appear among the results when the names of your competitors are searched for, which gives you the opportunity to attract lots of new, eager customers that you otherwise may have lost to them

3) Find Opportunities In Forgotten Keywords

Use a keyword research tool to compile a list of keyword phrases that your competitors are centering their content around. Once you have this list, compare it to a list of keywords related to your market or industry. By comparing the two, you can put together your own list of keyword phrases that are being ignored by your competitors. Each of these keywords is a unique opportunity for you to rank at the top of search results, as they’ll be easier to rank for while still bringing you loads of targeted search engine visitors.

Even the slightest advantage over your competitors when it comes to SEO can translate into huge increases in leads and sales for your business. This makes it critical to implement strategies like the ones covered here, all of which are effective and simple to integrate into your existing SEO efforts.


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