Amazon launches Showroom, a virtual space to see furniture and accessories in a room before buying

Screenshot: Amazon/Naijaroko

The largest online store in the world has just launched Amazon Showroom, an online space on and Amazon’s mobile application, which allows you to see how furniture and accessories will look in a room before making the purchase decision.

For now users can only see furniture and accessories that belong to the Living Room, but in the future you can also create other home environments such as kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and more.

When using this tool, the user can configure the color of the walls and floors so that they are similar to the user’s home. Then you can see the furniture and accessories that Amazon shows as an example or add some of the ones you will find in a column on the right, such as the coffee table, chairs, foot mats, lamps and even pictures on the walls.

Once they finish and are satisfied, they should only add the products they want to the shopping cart and pay. It’s that simple and easy.

Of course the variety of products is not very large but at least for the living room, it offers several styles that will probably be pleasant for many users.

Up to the moment of publishing this article Amazon did not formally announce the launch, but the tool works without problems.



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