The 5 Most Profitable Skills on Upwork

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There are thousands of skills on offer on Upwork, each with their own level of demand. Some are highly sought after by clients throughout the world while others are only in demand in certain spheres with freelance contracting rapidly becoming a primary employment platform, contractors with the right skill sets have an excellent chance of reaping big rewards from their freelance gigs. If you have any of these five skills and possess the right entrepreneurial attitude, then you are primed to enjoy success on Upwork.

1. Angular JS development

Research by YouthWorth established that Angular JS framework developers averaged $132,000 per year in 2016. In the UK, demand for Angular JS experts grew by 54.30%, making it one of the most in-demand skills in the market. If you have the IT skills and an Upwork account, Angular JS development projects present the perfect opportunity to mint serious money online.

2. Content marketing

A Fractl and MOZ market study found that content marketing jobs have grown threefold since 2018. An Upwork quarterly skills index was even more revealing; skills related to content marketing including SEO writing, video editing and animation, have all seen rapid growth on the platform as clients and business entities seek to attract potential clients to their fold. If you have content marketing skills that get results, you can leverage this opportunity to your economic advantage.

3 UI and UX design

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design and related skills have also grown in prominence over the past few years. With companies shifting to a design-centric ethos in their marketing strategies, top UI and UX designers are becoming critical to product packaging and marketing. A 2018 DMI Design Value Index report showed that design-centric companies including Apple Inc., Intuit and Walt Disney registered a massive 228% jump in sales volumes over a 10-year period. If you are an ardent Ul or UX designer, you could generate over $7I,000 per year.

4. Data visualization

Data visualization is the process of using software to display data in a visual context. This includes creating infographics, heat maps, fever charts and even sparklines. Data visualization projects on Upwork average about $275 but the rates increase with expertise and positive client feedback. Experienced data visualization experts command an average of $75 per hour on Upwork.

5 Social media marketing

With over 2 billion social media users, social media marketing become the core of brand marketing strategies. Connecting with potential customers on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Pinterest has generated more sales leads than mainstream marketing channels such as TV or print ads.


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