50 Small Business Ideas For Fashion Lovers in Nigeria

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Are you passionate about fashion? How does this love relationship for fashion turn into a successful business? Here are 50 small business ideas to inspire fashionistas.

# 1 Start a line of shoes:

If there is something that women do not get tired of buying, it’s shoes. In fact today even men usually spend much of their salary on shoes. Therefore, it could be a good business opportunity to start your own line.

# 2 Write a book related to fashion:

Nowadays everyone buys magazines and books related to fashion, either to inform themselves or to be inspired. You can write one and sell it via Amazon, Jumia or on other e-commerce platforms.

# 3 Start selling clothes on Jumia

The sales of clothes online is something that does not stop growing, day after day millions of garments are sold through this platform. You can sell the clothes you made or resell different garments. Selling second-hand clothes and shoes is also lucrative.

# 4 Make fabulous belts

The manufacturing of belts is another profitable business that is always on demand. You can make unisex models, specialized and custom models. It leaves very good profits and is easy to manufacture.

# 5 Make Customized Shirts and Male Boxers

If you are good at designing or have good taste making them, you can make shirts with unique designs and sell them online.

# 6 Start making bags!

As with shoes, women love handbags, they are always willing to buy a new one. So if you have good capital, you can choose to manufacture handbags and purses.

# 7 Offer in watches

I love watches, it is one of the accessories with great demand and that is always in the market. In addition, you can earn a lot of money working from home, just by selling watches.

# 8 Be a personal stylist

Personal stylists offer great services and it is a business that is booming. If you have good fashion sense and rich friends, do not hesitate to invest in this luxury business.

# 9 Start your own clothing line

If you like fashion you can choose to have your own clothing line, where you can showcase your talent by making different designs. The good thing about this business is that it is a low investment niche.

# 10 Become a fashion columnist

Do you have something to say about the latest trends and news that emerge from the world of fashion? Put it in writing by becoming a fashion columnist in local and international blogs and magazine. Contact a fashion blog or magazine to see how they will to get your on their platform. Note that not all blogs and magazines pay their guest writers.

# 11 Scout for the next supermodel

The next supermodel is out there somewhere and why shouldn’t you be the person who finds her (or him)? Starting your own business searching for models can be an excellent way to get financial reward.

# 12 Start your own fashion blog

Why not write about the latest trends, tips and news in the constantly evolving fashion world by starting your own fashion blog?

# 13 Launching a fashion magazine

Can you imagine yourself as the next Vogue editor? Become a competitor like Vogue and Elle by launching your own fashion magazine.

# 14 Focus on maternity clothes

One could argue that, when it comes to maternity clothes, it is simply not modern enough. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to manufacture clothes for moms and to be fashionable.

# 15 Make your own perfume

Perfume making workshops are increasingly popular. Once you have mastered the art of perfume making, why not start your own perfume business? You can also choose to resell online.

# 16 Being a fashion designer

Fashion designers are always successful especially when they are good at it. Your location doesn’t matter, designers are always needed for all types of events and parties. Don’t forget to showcase your design on Instagram. You could pay or beg a celebrity friend to try your design.

# 17 Start your own wedding dress rental business

The rents of wedding dresses are in great demand. Start a rewarding and lucrative business by renting wedding dresses.

# 18 Organize fashion events

If you have great organizational skills, you can offer your services to run your own fashion event business.

# 19 Start a lingerie production business

Love lingeries? Making it simple. Enjoy a prosperous business making and selling your own lingerie.

# 20 Rent designer clothes

Take out a sheet from Rent the Runway, a new company in New York that rents expensive designer clothes to fashionistas and start your own designer clothing rental business.

# 21 Designer sunglasses

No celebrity would be seen without using a pair of designer shades. If you have a penchant for high-fashion sunglasses, why not start making your own?

# 22 Become a fashion marketer

Follow the steps of the Glam Brand Agency, fashion agency and start your own business specializing in fashion retail marketing.

# 23 Make badges

From rebellious teenagers to corporate memories, badges will always have their place in society. Capitalize the demand for badge by opening your own badge making business.

# 24 Become a fashion YouTuber

YouTube offers many opportunities for people to earn a profitable income. You can showcase your fashion-related talents by posting videos on YouTube, from make-up tutorials to dressmaking.

# 25 Make your own bracelets

From tickets to festivals to corporate events, personalized wristbands will always be necessary. Take advantage of the demand by starting your own bracelet customization business.

# 26 Start a shoe repair business

Starting a shoe repair business could be the perfect way to put your foot in fashion. In addition, it is a business that does not need a large investment.

# 27 Make and sell your own jewelry

Making jewelry is not as difficult as you can imagine, I was able to have a very profitable micro enterprise with a high return on investment.

# 28 Up cycle fashion items

The up cycling is very fashionable. Awaken your creative appetite by turning scrap or fashionable items into wonderful new creations.

# 29 Open a flea market fashion stand

Many successful entrepreneurs started their business from a flea booth. Enjoy the benefits of a low-cost sales platform by opening your own flea market stall at the local flea market.

# 30 Run Fashion Exhibitions

Another business related to fashion would be to organize and run fashion exhibitions, perfect for fashionistas with great organizational skills.

# 31 Start a line of casual clothes

We all want to wear casual clothes from time to time. Therefore, there is a large market for casual clothing. Why not take advantage of it by starting your own jeans, shirts, shorts and other casual lines?

# 32 Make baby clothes

Baby clothes make us lull with adoration. Once again, this line of the fashion market that is in constant demand is asking creative designers to bring us more adorable baby clothes.

# 33 Start a fashion podcast

Launching a podcast can be profitable and rewarding. Why not use your love for fashion by running your own fashion-focused podcast?

# 34 Start a fashion talk show on radio and television.

There is nothing like an expert in the latest fashions of fashion. Make your name known as an organizer of compelling fashion talks on radio and television.

# 35 Start an online boutique

E-commerce websites are not difficult to set up and are much cheaper than brick and mortar stores. If you have an eye for fashion, sell some products in your own online store.

# 36 Sell suit

People will always need unique suit, therefore it is an excellent business idea to specialize in the sale of corporate suits and shirts.

# 37 Become a Fashion Consultant

Fashion consultants who advise models, executives, politicians and celebrities are in great demand today, offering a satisfying and lucrative fashion in the world of fashion.

# 38 Embarking on a clothing franchise opportunity

There are a lot of clothing retail business franchise opportunities to explore, which offer business opportunities that fashionistas can access and start earning money directly.

# 39 Open a fashion public relations business

Models, designers, manufacturers and retailers … what do they have in common? They need quality and effective public relations. Leave your mark in the fashion world by opening your own public relations for the fashion firm.

# 40 Innovative design in fashion technology

It can be a fashion app or some kind of cutting-edge technology for fashion shows. If you are a technology genius, focus on creating something of fashion technology, fashionistas can not ignore.

# 41 Start your own brand of sportswear

Sportswear will always be in demand. If you like fashion and sports, combine the two designing and manufacturing your own line of sportswear.

# 42 Sell aso-ebi in bulk

Aso-ebis are everywhere! We all know how much Nigerians love to celebrate every single achievement. When it comes to parties in Nigeria, the first thing that comes to mind is aso-ebi. Start a prosperous business with a great future, buying and selling aso-ebi in large quantity.

# 43 Fix clothes

We’ve all been there, we’ve ripped off a designer dress, we’ve jammed the zipper of our favorite jeans. Become a “lifesaver of fashion” by opening your own clothing business.

# 44 Make football shirts!

A relatively low cost fashion business company would be involved in the manufacture of custom football jerseys for schools, academies, national or even international football teams.

# 45 Setting up an accessory store

If your thing is to design scarves and belts, get on the desired accessory trolley and set up your own accessories store.

# 46 Open a fashion design school

Fashion schools are in the main cities of the world. Students want to enroll in fashion courses, why not meet the demand by starting their own fashion school?

# 47 Launch of fashion awards

There’s nothing the fashion world loves more than an ultra-glamorous fashion show! Be the name behind the most exciting fashion shows by organizing yours.

# 48 Make ready-made African Gele

African Gele will never go out of style as long tying it is still complicated for young women. Make your creative juices flow by designing and selling African Gele.

# 49 Start your own web design company for retailers

The electronic commerce sites are highly competitive. If you have web design skills, why not perfect your talents in a specific niche by offering web design services to fashion retailers?

# 50 Start a unique boutique

Rent a physical store and fill it with all kinds of strange and wonderful accessories and fashion items, and enjoy selling your creations and joking with your customers.


Written by Kemi Ogunmola

Kemi is an egg head at Juicylinks. A fun loving creative writer with a weakness for jollof rice and chicken.


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