Understanding Why People Share: 6 Routes to Effective Viral Content

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Having a piece of work go viral is the ultimate achievement for a content marketer. It can generate a mass of valuable traffic for relatively little expanse, but unfortunately it’s also an unpredictable process.

There’s a large slice of luck involved in producing content that hits the target, but certain types of materials are more readily shared than others. Here are seven approaches to try If you’re hoping to harness the traffic power of virality.

1) Humorous Content

People love to laugh. But more importantly from a content marketer’s perspective, people love to make others laugh too. As well as the simple pleasure of passing on an amusing post, sharing humorous content reflects well on the sharer, proving they have a sense of humour.

However, be cautious when trying to leverage humour. You can easily offend just as many people as you impress, and it’s a tricky balance to achieve. You also risk lowering the credibility of your brand if obvious attempts at viral humour fall flat.

2) Pulling at Heart-Strings

But humour is far from the only emotion with viral possibilities. Tear-jerking content can go viral very easily, especially if it’s inspiring and positive rather than downright depressing.

Again, this approach needs to be used with care. You don’t want your brand to become associated with negativity, so monitor your content extremely carefully to make sure it’s always on the right side of heartwarming.

3) Share a Smile

Your content doesn’t need to be deeply emotional, though. Simply making someone smile during a long work day can be a subtle but powerful sharing machine. A happy tale or a gently warming image can go a long way once it gains momentum.

4) Element of Surprise

If a piece of content is so surprising and impressive that it stops you in your tracks, it’s only natural to want to pass it on and share the amazement. What facts or figures in your niche are not widely known but surprising? How can you create content that harnesses them?

5) Reinforce Opinions

When someone comes across a piece of content that supports their own views, they’ll tend to share it as a way of proving their cleverness and good sense. Any subject on which people hold strong opinions can work, but take great care around political topics which have the capacity to alienate very easily.

Less contentious topics which can still stir strong feelings could include sports, food, technology, and celebrity events.

6) Unusual Content

But on the other hand, if your content goes against the grain and sparks controversy, it can gain traction surprisingly easily. Present an unorthodox view that’s rarely seen in mainstream media or other widespread venues, and it will be a natutal attention grabber and conversation starter.

The quest for virality hasn’t always produced positive results. Content which deliberately aims for widespread sharing an easily cross the line into clickbait, which does little for a brands credibility.

But if you produce great content while keeping in mind which factors encourage sharing, you can tap into huge traffic possibilities at very little expense.



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