9 Important Traits Needed to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Agency

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Every business knows they need a strong online presence, but many don’t know how to achieve it. For these businesses, a digital marketing agency can help them achieve their goals. There are agencies of all sizes, typically with an experienced owner who understands the online world and what their clients want to achieve. Anyone can start their own agency, but only limited numbers will go on to achieve consistent success. The following traits can be found in most successful agency owners, so you ideally need to cultivate them for optimal results.


Running a marketing campaign requires organization skills. You will almost certainly be dealing with multiple platforms, various pieces of content, and a sales funnel. Additionally, you might need to communicate with multiple employees. Organization will ensure everyone is on the same page and the work gets completed.

Time Management

There is only so much time available for each project, so it is vital that the most important work completed. You may need to make sacrifices to reach your goals, maximizing the results with the time you have.


Networking is required to develop client relationships. While you may get some clients from your website, many of the lucrative businesses will base their decision on references and face-to-face meetings.


As the head of the agency, you will typically need to communicate with employees and clients. Clients will want to be kept in the loop, while employees need to know the direction you are going. If you outsource work to external contractors, communicating your intentions is key.

Willingness to Learn

The online world rarely stands still and an agency has to cover many different areas of business. You need to know about SEO, paid advertising, social media, and more. A willingness to learn means you can stay ahead of the curve, never falling behind to the competition.


Most agencies will experience times when things don’t go in their favour. Clients might choose another service or neglect to renew their contact. Certain elements in SEO could change and slow down results. Self-belief will allow you to get through these negative periods, with the knowledge that you can always come back stronger.


Agencies usually develop systems that they rely on for most clients. Developing an SEO or social media plan, for example, ensures you don’t deviate from a proven systems. However, it is important to be adaptable, assessing when you need to make improvements and respond to changes in the landscape.


Employees will inevitably look to you for direction, from the broadcast planning to smaller details of a project. Knowing when to take a hands-on approach and when to delegate responsibility is a vital part of leadership. Business owners often struggle to let others take ownership, but this is key to developing a growing enterprise.


Planning extends to more than just the details of a marketing campaign. For a digital marketing agency, it is vital you plan into the future, understanding how many clients you require and can provide an acceptable service for. It is also important to develop a brand identity, considering the types of businesses and Industries you plan to work with and how to stand out to them.

A digital marketing agency is an excellent business opportunity for anyone with knowledge of SEO, paid advertising, social media, and other online promotional methods. However, being proficient at these tasks and being able to turn them into a successful agency do not always go together. Above are nine important traits you need to have to develop and grow a profitable digital marketing agency.



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