How to Make Your Business Website Attractive and Accessible


Businesses rely on their website to develop credibility, acting as a central hub for consumers. Some businesses sell products directly from their website, integrating an e-commerce store into their operations. Even if you don’t sell products this way, though, a website helps to brand your businesses and develop trust. A low-quality website will send signals to consumers, creating friction in the sales experience. However, if you stick to some trusted methods of modem web design, you can ensue your site offers a seamless experience. So what are the main factors to think about for a business website?

Mobile Optimization

The growth in mobile usage has led to Google switching to mobile-first indexing. Over half of search traffic now takes place on a mobile device, so any website not correctly optimized will suffer. Check your site on a number of mobile devices, ensuring there are no flaws or issues with navigation, usability, and content sizing. Also, use the Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool for further reassurance.

Clear Navigation

Navigation can have benefits for both the business and visitors. We business can use navigation to highlight certain sections moving visitors towards the pages that convert to leads or sales. Visitors avoid the typical frustrations found when sites are difficulty to navigate and don’t follow a logical structure. Clear navigation starts with the architecture of the site, so ensure pages are placed Into coherent categories.

Simple and Clean Graphics

Web design has changed considerably over the years. Large graphics and complicated designs were common in previous years, but they gradually fell out off fashion. More focus has been placed on usability, with simple and clean graphics taking over. Most logos are quite simple and don’t dominate the header. Graphics placed throughout the site should also service the page, avoiding distraction from the content you want users to consume.

Organized Layout

Clutter is another problem that affects many business websites. You may have a lot of information you want to convey to visitors, but it will be ineffective if you cannot create a user-friendly layout. If you have a lot of different services or office locations you need to promote, consider creating individual pages for each one. The homepage can be used to promote the most important aspects of the business, with navigation being used to direct people to other areas of the site.

Call to Action

Business sites can often provide useful information, but leave visitors unsure of the next steps. An e-commerce store will be clear, showcasing products for consumers. Other businesses, though, need to move visitors to the next stage of the journey using a call to action.



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