How to Create an Effective Home Office and Increase Productivity as a Freelancer


Working from your own home has numerous benefits such as having no boss and enjoying a flexible schedule. However, the real challenge lies in finding the right balance between an informal workplace and a practical one.

It is important to have a set of rules, both for you and your family. Maintaining a comfortable and practical environment is crucial to your success as a freelancer. Here we offer some tips on how to adapt a room to a perfect home office.

Separate the professional from personal life

The trick here is to maximize the advantages of working from home and minimize the inconvenience. It is important to choose a room for work and away from your personal life. By doing this, you not only make sure you are focused while you work, but you will also keep your living space free of work.

Choose the perfect desk

What freelancers usually do is try to recreate the corporate environment in their home. You should avoid a predetermined work desk and choose one in which you feel really comfortable working on. There are different types of computer desks – and the one you choose must suit your needs and the space you have.


Sometimes it can be difficult to keep things where they are supposed to be, especially if you are used to working in a creative disaster. But clutter can easily accumulate and create a chaotic environment, one that will definitely decrease your productivity and ability to concentrate. Designate a place for the important things you need on your desk and put the rest in filing cabinets. You can label your drawers if you have trouble remembering where you placed them.


Choose a room with as much natural light as possible, as it will directly increase your performance. Find an optimal location for your desk – somewhere close to a window were there is no glare or reflections. In addition to this, you will need a quality work lamp.


If you work with many documents, you will need adhesive markers, folders, file cabinets and all kinds of material to help you keep them organized. It also includes a bin to avoid saving unnecessary documents.
You must choose a desktop or a laptop computer, this will depend mainly on the type of work you do and the use that you are going to give.

You can also complement your office with a water dispenser and a footrest or other accessories that increase ergonomics.

Add plants

Having plants in your office is an excellent way to create a healthier and more productive environment. Not only will they add life to your office, they will also clean the air. You can place them where you can easily see them from your chair and you will have a better view than to stare at a wall.


Customize your office the way you like. Anything that makes you feel comfortable should be an option. You will spend a lot of time in that place and the more pleasant your office is for you, the more productive you will be.


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