WordPress SEO: 6 Tips to Optimize Your Website to the Maximum

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As we have said several times in this blog, WordPress is the most known and easy-to-use content management system (CMS) in the world.

But just installing it is not enough, you will have to work a bit on your website or WordPress blog if you want its performance to be impeccable, and for that you will have to optimize it. The optimization of your WordPress site not only increases traffic and visitors to the page, but improves the user experience and SEO.

In this post we share with you 6 amazing WordPress SEO optimization tips to take your website to the next level.

1. Choose an appropriate hosting plan

Your optimization techniques will not go far if you choose a hosting plan that does not fit your site. Hosted WordPress hosting plans are recommended to keep your website updated at all times. In addition, the best managed WordPress hosting services include advanced security options and automatic backups.

However, it is better to avoid shared hosting plans, as they slow down the loading time of your website. And considering that almost half of Internet users leave a website that does not load in three seconds, the low speeds can keep visitors away even before your page loads.

2. Always choose good quality themes

Much of the performance and speed of your website depends on the theme you have chosen. So we recommend that you opt for the flexible and trustworthy option.

Select responsive designs since their good performance makes them a great success with search engines. At the same time, be careful with themes that look beautiful but have poor coding and use too many images.

Your safest option is to use premium WordPress themes. Although these themes are not cheap, with an average price of $40, it is money well spent when considering the benefits.

3. Be careful with plugins

The amount of WordPress plugins in the official directory is 40k and adding. But installing all of them will not help you with the optimization process. Think about the purpose of your website and what you need to achieve it. Then, install the appropriate plugins to fill that gap.

Some good plugins that increase the speed and performance of your WordPress site are WP Rocket and WP Fastest Cache. Remember, plugins are one of the main reasons why WordPress sites get slow over time. Therefore, eliminate those that are unnecessary and keep the plugins that your site needs to function properly.

4. Optimize videos and images

It is not a good idea to fill your web page with tons of images. This practice not only reduces the loading time of your website, but also affects the performance. One solution to this problem is to compress and resize the images. Some online tools such as Optimizilla and Compress JPEG can help you compress the file sizes of your images without loss of quality. In the same way, you must apply these strategies to optimize your videos properly.
If necessary, you can also use sprites. This is a CSS technique that uses an image to present various design elements on your web page. Then, instead of loading numerous small images, the site ends up opening only one. However, not all themes support sprites, so keep that in mind during the optimization process.

5. Optimize your Landing Page

You must optimize the home page of your website if you want to improve speed and overall performance. Users come to your website through this page so it is very important that there are no delays while loading. While the process of optimizing your landing page can be difficult without the proper knowledge, it includes using extracts from publications, removing add-ons and inactive widgets, and limiting the number of publications presented on a particular page.

6. Start using CDN

What is this? Well, in simple terms, a CDN is a network of servers that clones cached copies of your website in each of its location nodes.

What this means is that, when a visitor tries to connect to your website, the nearest server location serves as the cache instead of the main physical server of your website. The result is that load times are drastically reduced. You must be careful when choosing the right CDN for your site, but Amazon CloudFront is a good option. Not only increases the speed of the web, but also decreases the load on your server.

Put these WordPress SEO tips into practice today and you will see the results in a few days.


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