9 Ways to Increase Your Creativity

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Do you need help increasing your creativity? There are ways to improve it that can also make you much more productive . The next time you have to tackle a new project and you lack ideas, try these simple tricks:

9 ways to increase your creativity

1. Get inspired

What inspires you to create? Most creativity comes from inspiration. Artists, writers, musicians, or designers must feel inspired to create something original and unique. Some turn to nature for inspiration (stars in the night, the sky at sunset, a walk on the lake), others observe the work of other people or analyze daily events as a source of inspiration. Discover your source of inspiration to improve your creativity and you will also increase your productivity.

FACT: A curious study conducted by the University of Hiroshima found that observing how the ‘kawaii’ kittens play with a ball of yarn sharpens our mental focus. The research also found that “the sensitivity caused by beautiful images” benefits our motor function when we work with the computer. Perhaps this is the reason why the Internet is full of videos and images of cats.

2. Write down all your ideas

It is easy to forget the best ideas when we don’t write them down. These can arise at any time, even when we are not working. That’s why it’s good to always have a notebook or your smartphone at hand to write them down.

3. Change of scenario

Do you need a break or even a vacation? The happiness and the state of mind influence our creativity a lot. Some studies show that a change of scenery can be the key to maintaining a constant work rate. On top of that, everyone needs a vacation from time to time, even freelance professionals.

Business Insider discovered that after a 40-hour work week, productivity decreases by 50%. A study by The Hapiness Advantage also found that when the brain thinks positively, it improves productivity by 31%, sales increase by 37%, and creativity and revenue can even triple.
If you take regular breaks and still feel stuck, maybe it’s time to take a vacation. The well – planned vacation avoid stress and help you return to work more motivated. Plan in advance all the deliveries of the pending projects so that you can take a few days off without worries.

4. Enjoy sporting activities

A study conducted by the University of Bristol indicates that exercising in the morning before work leads to better management of time and interpersonal relationships of workers throughout the day. So you know, walk for a while, go for a run, practice swimming, dance … Choose a sport that you like and start practicing it daily. Your brain and your heart will thank you.

5. Move from the computer screen and use a pencil and paper

Do you write or design on your laptop? Try switching back to analog mode using a pencil and paper. Use your own hand to form the words or images that come to mind. You may have to draw or write more freely to develop an idea. Break with the routine from time to time will let your imagination fly.

6. Listen to music

According to a study conducted by Teresa Lesiuk of the University of Windsor (Canada), people who listen to music when doing technological work complete tasks faster and better than those who do not. Maybe this can work for you too.

7. Keep a schedule

Take some time to create a realistic calendar of your personal and professional goals. When you stick to a work schedule you are much more aware of the progress, problems and compliance with delivery times. Better organization means greater productivity. And when we feel productive, we have more freedom to create.

8. Believe in you

The more you trust your work, the easier it will be to carry it out to the end. In fact, you could ruin the outcome of a project if you are afraid of failure. Doubts are a source of demotivation, and the attitude with which we approach a new project also has a decisive role in our creativity.

9. Relax

The more you worry about a problem, the harder it will be to solve it. If you really want to increase your creativity spend a few minutes a day to think of “nothing” and breathe deeply. This will help you relax and channel your creative energy in a constructive and beneficial way.


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