Why we Launched Naijaroko

Africa is a land of opportunity; it’s the world’s last market frontier and the second-fastest growing economic region of the world Africa’s journey to catch up with the rest of the developed world is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity for those who know where to look.

Right now, there is a silent revolution going on in Africa. While the rest of the world sees a continent that’s stricken with poverty, diseases and conflict, what they don’t see is a continent whose time for prosperity is already here.

We launched Naijaroko to show you a side of Africa the media doesn’t talk about very often. We launched Naijaroko to show you the unbelievable business opportunities that exist in Africa and the amazing success stories that prove their viability and profitability. We wrote this book to spark your brain with innovative ideas that will make you money in Africa.

In fact, we launch Naijaroko for two classes of people. The first are Africans and non-Africans outside the continent who want to start a business here. The second are the millions of potential entrepreneurs who currently live in Africa but have no idea what kind of business to start.

Above all, we launch the Naijaroko online magazine for people who want clear, factual and actionable information about how to start and run a successful business here in Africa.