3 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Blog and Boost Adsense Income

You’ve set up your blog. You’ve been publishing content for several months. Unique visitors are rolling in daily. Adsense is serving ads on your posts. But your click through rate (CTR) is dismal and you’re not making any money.

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Does that sound familiar? Do you want to know what you can do to turn your situation around and increase your Adsense
revenue? Then check out these three common mistakes people make with Adsense blogs and what you can do to fix them.

1. Content Lacks Focus

Publishing high-quality content regularly is good, but it’s not enough to convert traflic into Adsense traffic. Remember, Adsense serves ads based on what its algorithms can understand about your site and your readers.

The more focused you are on a particular niche, the more targeted your traflic will be. Niche-focused content also helps Adsense understand what your blog’stheme is. When it puts those two factors together, it makes much better choices about which ads it serves. As the ads become more targeted to the content and the reader, your CTR will increase.

2. Not Enough Content

Blogging with Ad sense is not a get rich quick scheme. You need to put in a lot of work now to reap the rewards later. That means buckling down and cranking out the content at least a couple times a week, or daily if you can. If you stick to a frequent publishing routine without sacrificing quality, you’ll build traffic.

The average CTR on ads for most blogs is between 1 percent and 3 percent. How much you earn per click could be anything from 2 cents to a few hundred dollars, depending on your niche. Most targeted blogs in less-competitive niches will make about $1 a click. On that basis, you’d need 5,000 unique, targeted visitors per day to pull in $100. That’s a realistic figure, but you’ll need at least 250 first-class posts before you see that level of traffic.

3 Poorly Placed Ads

There’s no one-sizefits-all rule about ad placement, but it’s worth experimenting. You should study the Adsense guidelines to make sure you are playing within the rules.

Try placing different ads in various places on your blog and see what works best. There are small, medium, and large box ads. Skyscraper ads are popular for placement in sidebars. You can experiment with colors, using text-only options or images.

One of the most common mistakes with ad placement is to cram too many ads onto a page. Depending on your content, less may be more. You should always put the reader’s experience first. Fantastic content and a single, well-placed ad may be more profitable than three huge banners which distract from the core message of the post.

The most often-re ported reason bloggers fail is because they give up too soon. Don’t be that blogger. You can make money from your blog with Ad sense, but you must do it right.

Make sure you drill down into your niche, write focused content and plenty of it, and optimize your ad placement to see your traffic, CTR, and income grow.


It’s almost the weekend, the sun is shining, and Tinashe posed in bikini for Galore magazine’s latest issue. Uh yeah, I’d say it’s a pretty damn good day so far and I’m sure her 3 million Instagram followers would agree with me! We’re obviously big fans of Tinashe around these parts, bikini or otherwise .

The 24-year-old singer opens up to the mag about her how she manages her relationships, dating life, her music and working with Britney Spears.


On relationships:  “Idon’t really have much of one. I guess I don’t necessarily try to be part of the Hollywood scene.

“You can easily avoid it or easily make yourself part of it, as far as going to the Hollywood hot spots where you know TMZ will be and you know people will photograph you. It’s kind of a decision you make. You can go to different parts of the city and those people aren’t there.

“As far as my personal and dating life, it’s relatively nonexistent. Half because I really don’t have the time and don’t make it a priority. Whenever I do get involved with someone, I don’t wanna just sabotage it right away [by going public]. Like it’s gotta be a real thing for me if I’m gonna get involved.


On sexism in the industry: “The most blatant sexism I received was more toward the beginning of my career when people thought of me more as a cute girl who got a deal who didn’t necessarily earn her place here. It was an attitude of, ‘okay, this girl is hot,’ and a lot of people just really objectifying me in studio situations when I’m trying to make a song with a producer or writer. Especially because I was only like 18, 19 at the time, there were a lot of older guys seemingly more interested in the physical aspect or the sexual aspect of potentially working with me rather than making a good song. Which is obviously frustrating and a little bit upsetting. But more and more as I gained respect as a songwriter as someone who deserves to be here, I think it happens to me less. At least to my face.”


Is it hard to find a guy who’s not intimidated by your talent and success?
I would say yes, the fact that I haven’t had a boyfriend in five years — yes. I definitely find people who are interested in elements of what I do, like you know the shows I get to go to, the events I get to be part of. But someone who is down for everything that comes with it is hard to find.

The biggest thing is probably my schedule. If I’m gonna be involved with someone I’m gonna have to do some flying… I’ll be so busy. You might have to fly out to see me. It’s really not necessarily conducive to building relationships. You can’t be in front of someone that often. You have to FaceTime and text and it’s not the same. It’s really hard to build those bonds. And for someone to just be down to hang out with someone who’s always on the move and always with other guys and other famous people, I get why it would be super intimidating.

Do you think male artists have the same dating issues?
I’m sure they do if they’re trying to build legitimate relationships. The thing about male artists is a lot of times they can get just enough of a relationship or just enough of companionship from groupies. They don’t have to feel lonely, because they can do whatever… there’s girls that are down to hang all the time. Whereas female artists don’t tap into the groupie pool, like, there aren’t necessarily male groupies at my shows who are like, “Let’s hang out after.”
Maybe there are, but that’s really weird. But [male artists] can kinda temper their loneliness with more girls around throwing themselves at them.

So you don’t have male groupies?
When you see in person how these girls approach these guys, that’s never gonna happen to me. It just doesn’t happen. There aren’t like squads of guys… Imagine a squad of six guys in their best outfits hanging around outside the tour bus hoping one of them will get chosen! It just doesn’t happen.
That’s a funny mental image.
Yeah. Like, “Hey guys, let’s go out to this club and maybe one of us will get to spend the night with Tinashe, OMG!”

How does someone high-profile like you meet new guys to date? It’s not like you can just go on Tinder, right?
Again, I don’t think I’ve mastered that, because I’ve been single for actually five years. I’ve found a couple of people I’m into but mostly they’re involved in the industry in some capacity because they understand it a little bit better. But it’s been really hard for me to find any type of genuine relationship. I’m not the one to ask because I don’t really meet any [new guys]. If you know any, set me up!

It must be hard to find a guy who’s on the same level as you professionally.
Yeah, and a lot of guys that I am working with professionally have their own goals and plan. So much of my life is dedicated to what I do that if someone else had that same sense of dedication to what they’re doing, to find even the time to hang out [would be] really hard.
In the perfect world I’d be like I’ll just find a guy who’s able to travel with me. But if he’s able to travel with me, he probably doesn’t have a job. And if he doesn’t have a job, he’s a loser. And I wouldn’t wanna date someone with no goals and ambitions, so yeah. It’s kinda hard.

Now to the pictures, for more talks from Tinashe, visit GaloreMag.com











Two is always better than one, right? That’s the case with the Double Dose Twins . They’re hot, have sexy bodies and totally identical. It doesn’t take much to take one look at these actresses and fall in love.

Let’s not forget Chidinma and Chidiebere Aneke are still single & hoping the right men find them.

But enough talk, check out the hot pictures of them twinning.











Just when we taught her $100 million lawsuit will slow her down
the queen of the “Slay Queens” is back at it again with this daring see through top.

Lawsuit or not Kim Kardashian has never been one to wear conventional clothing.

The 36-year old reality star turned heads in NYC on Tuesday as many onlookers may have wondered if she had forgotten something – her bra and that very expensive lawsuit.

In her typical fashion, she stepped out leaving very little to the imagination in a black see-through top showing she opted to ditch her bra and flaunt her ample upper curves.

Take a look:







Photo Credit: DDNY BroadImage


I don’t know about you guys, but if the weather reporter on NTA Lagos looked anything like Tiwa Savage, I’d be far more inclined to watch.

With a whopping 2.3 million Instagram followers, Tiwa has amassed some serious social media fame, and really, how can we blame people for following her on Instagram where they get to see hot photos of song bird more often.

The singer just shared these hot photos on her Instagram page and everyone is drooling over the yummy mummy of one.




It will always hurt when the girl you love cheats on you. There’s just something about betrayal that maims the soul and ego like nothing else.

But what if I told you there was an easy way to spot a cheating girlfriend or wife and avoid her altogether before she breaks your heart?

Thanks to the wonderful world of science and statistics, we already know that there are some people who are more likely to cheat, such as women in their 30 s , bankers , brokers , and flight attendants, and cat ladies.

And now, according to relationship coach Matthew Hussey , we know three more types of people who might be potential cheaters, so that you can look out for all the warning signs, and successfully identify a cheater before she strikes.

1) Narcissists.
“For the narcissist, it’s all about proving how lovable they are,” Hussey told Business Insider. “It’s not enough one person loving them; they want to make sure that everyone loves them.”

“They’ll only feel validated when someone else flirts with them, sleeps with them, or kisses them,” he adds, suggesting that if you’re seeing some red flags that you’re dating a narcissist, you might want to get the hell out of that relationship real fast.

You should also know that a study
found that narcissistic people tend to feel less committed to their romantic relationships, because they always think they can find someone better. Is that reason enough for you to watch your back? I think it is.

2) Insecure people.
Is your girlfriend always self-deprecating? Is she seriously lacking in the self-confidence department? Well, you might want to be careful around her, because you might have a cheater on your hands.

“Insecure people are something to be careful of, Hussey explains.

“And I don’t mean a basic level of insecurity that we all have, because we all have our own self-doubts and worries about ourselves. But when someone is so deeply insecure that if you don’t give them love today, they’re going to find it somewhere else — that’s dangerous.”

“In any relationship we have to be real. If someone goes without love for a long time, the propensity to cheat is going to increase. Over a long enough period of time if someone treats you coldly or is distant, anything can happen.

“But on a short timeline, if somebody is constantly making how much you love them today the condition on whether they’ll cheat or not, [this is] also dangerous and it stems from ego.”

3) Selfish people.
Apparently, “selfish people who don’t have a moral standard when it comes to their relationships” are also very, very likely to cheat, says Hussey. Why? Well, because selfish people don’t give a shit about your emotions, that’s why.

“They know if they cheat their partner would hate it or be traumatised by it, but their own selfish needs just take over,” he said.

“Either they have a different code of ethics in private for themselves — which is just unfair — or they’re simply a hypocrite.”

H/T: Maxim
Photo Credit: Getty Image


Rolls – Royce launched the ninth generation of the Phantom prestige -mobile with a vow that the car is the world’s best, and the company provided ample evidence to back up that claim.
We can’t wait to drive the new 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom, but we have good reason to expect the experience to exceed that of driving the current model.

Here are ten good reasons why.


1. All-New Aluminum Space Frame
The Phantom gets its very own “Architecture of Luxury” aluminum space frame that boasts 30 percent better rigidity to ensure maximum comfort and control, even though it weighs less than the frame of the outgoing car. Significantly, this chassis will underpin every new Rolls-Royce as new models are introduced and it does not share design or parts with high-volume models from elsewhere within Roll-Royce’s BMW parent company.

2. Sound Insulation
The new Phantom boasts nearly quarter-inch-thick, two-layer glass in its windows, two layers of sheetmetal in the floor with heavy foam and felt between them, and massive joint castings that quell frame vibrations. There is a total of 286 lbs. of sound deadening added to the Phantom contributing to the sound-killing measures. Overall, the new car is 10 percent quieter inside than the current Phantom.

3. Special, Quiet Foam-Filled Tires
Rolls-Royce commissioned special tires for the Phantom from Continental that have a foam layer inside that absorbs 9 decibels of tire cavity noise, ensure a placid atmosphere inside the cabin.

4. A New Twin-Turbo 6.75-Liter V12 Engine
The new Phantom will spill your rear-seat champagne toasts more quickly than ever, thanks to the all-new 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 engine that produces a placid 563 horsepower at a calm 5,000 rpm and an urgent 664 lb.-ft. torque at just 1,700 rpm.

5. Road-Scanning Stereoscopic Cameras For Ride Control
The signature Magic Carpet Ride of Rolls-Royce cars is bolstered by the inclusion of a forward-looking camera system that scans the road for imperfections and makes continuous adjustments to the electronically controlled shock absorber at speeds up to 62 mph.

6. GPS-Controlled Transmission
The Phantom’s ZF-supplied 8-speed automatic transmission doesn’t have to guess about things like whether the car is climbing a hill and needs a lower gear because it is linked to a GPS system that keeps it informed about its location and the road conditions at all times, ensuring ideal seamless gearchanges.

7. Hand-Polished Stainless Steel Trim
The Phantom’s grille frame and other brightwork on the car’s exterior is not gaudy chromed steel. It is hand-polished stainless steel for the ultimate in authentic, warm, appealing style.

8. The “Embrace” Cabin Appointments
The Embrace refers to the use of precious and contemporary materials and rear seats that are newly sculpted for improved comfort. The sweep of the wood paneling across the back of the front seats is influenced by the famous Eames Lounge Chair of 1956, an artifact that is displayed in the New York Museum of Modern Art.


9. “The Gallery” Dashboard
Rolls-Royce calls “The Gallery” a reinterpretation of the dashboard. It retains the brand’s traditional upright appearance, but now all the elements are presented beneath a single swath of hardened glass that covers the various displays and dashboard materials.

10. Combination Tray Table/Video Displays
And in the back seat, where the action is in a Phantom, passengers enjoy the traditional flip-down tray tables and they incorporate pop-out “Rear Theatre Monitor” video displays for all your entertainment needs.

But we don’t know why you’d want to watch TV in the Phantom, because that could distract you from appreciating all the other elements Rolls-Royce has included to ensure that the Phantom is the best car in the world.