Is Going For Lasik Eye Surgery A Good Idea Or Bad?

Lasik is an excellent vision correction surgery approved by the FDA. It is the commonly performed surgery world wide. The patients who have undergone lasik achieved 20/20 vision and are very satisfied with the results. Lasik is definitely a good option. It has changed the lives of many people by giving them an excellent vision. With the advancement in technology, lasik surgery in Delhi ( has become more effective than ever. This procedure is improving day by day providing better results to the patients. If you are planning to have lasik you must read the full article to know all the pros and cons about the surgery. 


Even though lasik is an excellent procedure, it is not suitable for everybody. So, before having this procedure make sure you are a good candidate for lasik. Reason because some people who have lasik develop complications because they weren’t a good candidate for the surgery. Therefore, make sure you choose the best surgeon who can guide you throughout the procedure. Well, you should avoid this surgery if :-


  • Your cornea is thinner or uneven. This is because during the procedure your surgeon will make a thin corneal flap to correct the vision and for that matter your cornea should be thick. 


  • You are a diabetic person or have any other kind of autoimmune disease. Reason because it can impact your recovery from lasik. 


  • You’re under 18. Well, before the age of 18 a person’s eye prescription changes a lot. And to have lasik eye surgery your eye prescription should be stable for at least a year. Therefore the best age to have lasik is between 21 to 40 years. 


  • If you’re pregnant, then you should definitely wait until after to have this procedure. Because pregnancy impacts your vision and as mentioned above you have to have a stable eye prescription. 


If you’re not in any of the above mentioned categories, then you should definitely go for the surgery. Well, recovery from lasik doesn’t take much longer. But if you avoid any of the instructions given by your surgeon, it may lead to complications. Therefore it’s better if you take all the necessary precautions. Do not rub your eyes at any cost. To avoid this your doctor will give you a protective shield to wear while sleeping so that you don’t accidentally rub them. 


Overall, it is a really good procedure. Lasik surgery cost in India (visual aids centre) is very cheap as compared to any other surgery. Therefore your budget will not be a problem at all. The key to get the best possible outcome of the surgery is to find the best doctor. You can ask your friends for recommendations. Find a surgeon that takes a good time to explain the whole procedure and clear any of your doubts. Also make sure you feel free to share anything with your doctor. This could help the surgery go very smoothly. 


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